My Two-Step Cure for Smelly Shoes

Will the aromatic assault ever end?

When you’re pregnant, smells are extra sharp and often make you nauseous. After baby’s arrival, diapers are putrid. Once they’re big enough to giggle about it, passing gas is another thing to worry about.

Then, when you finally get around to going to the gym to try to lose some of the “Are you pregnant?!” weight, your own shoes turn on you.

My husband has always been the one with smelly shoes. It’s quintessentially male, isn’t it? So when I joined a gym and started working out four days a week, it was a rude awakening when he commented, “Your car smells like a locker room.”

My shoes?!

Yes. Mama’s shoes are stinky and smelly and no one wants to be around them.

sneakers, smelly shoes

Thanks to ye olde Internet, I found the solution in just two easy steps. 

Ingredient 1: Witch Hazel

She’s not just a cartoon character. I’ve never really been clear on all those different peroxides and hazels and ammonias and vinegars, but they are not equally smelly and apparently, they are all good for different things. {Have you tried cleaning with vinegar? Amazing!}

Well, apparently old Hazel is good for getting rid of odors, and she is a pro at it! Grab your empty spray bottle {you can buy them at virtually any store, in the cleaning section} and pour some witch hazel in. You can dilute it with water, but it isn’t necessary. I didn’t.

Ingredient 2: Essential Oils

I used about 10 drops each of lavender and lemon. I read a lot of people use Young Living‘s Purification. Honestly, it seems to be just a matter of preference. {I know 10 drops may seem excessive, but it was a big bottle. I got carried away.}

spray bottle, smells

Do you have a tried-and-true concoction that you want to share? Comment below!

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