Dry + Frizzy Hair? The L.C.O. Method to the Rescue!

Dry hair. Have you or your child experienced it? Once the furnace kicks on in the cold months, dry hair is even worse. In one word: frustration!  You’ll find yourself in the aisle of your nearest Target or Walmart,  trying to find products to combat hair dryness.  Well, don’t fret I have a solution!

The Fall and Winter seasons are the roughest on our tresses.  Those months tend to be drier months for all hair types.  You can credit all the dryness to the lower temperatures.  Thanks, Old Man Winter! But this method that I’m sharing with you has been tried and true.

So let’s get to it! This method is a three-step process called The L.C.O Method. L.C.O. works in an effort to hold moisture on and in your hair strands.  It follows three steps to keep you and your kiddos’ hair nice and supple. Who doesn’t want great looking hair all year ’round?!

Follow These Steps:

Step One, Liquid: Mist hair with water. I also use my hair’s favorite treat: Aloe Vera juice mixed with other goodies. The purpose of using water or a liquid source is to open up your hair cuticle.

Step Two, Cream: Add a moisturizer. When picking a moisturizer, make sure its first ingredient is water.  This is important because you do not want it to close the cuticle {that’s for the last step!}.

Step Three, Oil: Add a sealant like an oil or a butter.  That is exactly what the last step does: the oil/butter of your choice seals in all the ingredients contained in your moisturizer, into your strands.  It also aids in closing your hair cuticles.
*Note: It is important to pay attention to what type of sealant will be best for your hair.

  • Naturally straight hair may not work great with heavy oils or butters. Coconut oil Argan oils may work best.
  • Do you have curly or coarse textured hair? Thicker oils may work best like EVOO or Shea Butter.  

I’ve tested this method on myself as well as on my little ones.  We all have different textures of hair. With my middle son, Jase, his hair likes a different moisturizer but his hair loves the same sealant that I use for my hair.  It’s something you should play around with as far as products go, to see what leaves your hair feeling the best.  But the steps should remain the same! Until next time loves, keep those tresses moist!

Do you suffer from dry hair? What’s worked or not worked for you? I’d love to help, please comment below!



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