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Hey Momma, You Are Allowed to Choose YOU

Some time ago, I wrote a microblog reflecting my unapologetic stance on choosing my own and my family’s own needs above the approval of others. In the season of “New Year, New Me” I feel the subject should be revisited because you might need permission to “choose you.” Are you in the midst of change […]

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My Two-Step Cure for Smelly Shoes

Will the aromatic assault ever end? When you’re pregnant, smells are extra sharp and often make you nauseous. After baby’s arrival, diapers are putrid. Once they’re big enough to giggle about it, passing gas is another thing to worry about. Then, when you finally get around to going to the gym to try to lose […]

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Reflecting on the Narcissist in the Mirror

My husband and I were chatting recently and came to the subject of social media. He believes firmly that most people use social media as a personal quest for celebrity. Everyone wants to be noticed, to be affirmed, to be idolized. On the internet, everyone can feel like a celebrity, standing atop the social media […]

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