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Read It and Eat It: 10 Children’s Books to Nourish The Mind and Body During National Nutrition and Reading Month

March is National Nutrition and Reading Month.  A great way to celebrate with children is by building healthy eating habits and reading skills at the same time.   Here is a list of my 10 favorite books and corresponding healthy snacks to help get you started! 1. Pete the Cat and the Bad Banana written by James […]

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Migraine Relief Tips for Busy Mamas

Disclaimer :: I'm a busy mom with migraines, NOT a doctor! Migraine relief is crucial for everyone. Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for me. As always, please consult a medical professional should you suspect that you're experiencing migraine headaches. I’ve been a regular migraine-sufferer since I was pregnant with my son, [...]
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An Ode to Mom Guilt

Most women have experienced the big, bad, dark torment of mom guilt at one point or another in their life as a mom. It’s practically unavoidable. Just name a situation and you can feel guilty about it – bottle vs. breast, home school vs. public school, stay-at-home vs. working mom.  Really, the choices are endless. In […]

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