Three {Nearly Free!} Summer Fun Activities

All of our kids are so happy that school is out, but what do we do with them now? We don’t want to just sit at home and do nothing! 

Here are my top three, local suggestions for free or minimal cost fun:

Flint Children’s Museum
This museum is perfect for children to get out of the house and get some wiggles out! I have taken my daughter {1 year old} and she LOVES it! There is a special room for toddlers. This room only had one entrance/exit, so it was easy to let her play without having to worry about her running out!

There are also areas that older children can play. There is a room full of jumbo blue blocks that can be used to build different things. There are different play areas like a kitchen, grocery store and various vehicles to ride in! 

The children’s museum is a great place to let kids be kids!

Applewood Storytime
From May to October, Applewood Estate hosts a Storytime every Friday…and it is FREE! This event is awesome because the kids get to hear a story that they may have never heard before. After the story, Applewood has a craft or activity that goes with the book. The kids are able to participate in something related to what they just heard about. The best part? Each family gets to leave Storytime with a FREE copy of the book! My daughter goes to Storytime with my mom when I am at work, but when school lets out for the summer, it is a date for me and her!

When you are done at storytime, a great activity is walking the grounds! There are beautiful plants and flowers to see! The grounds also have fruit trees and sometimes, they are passing out free samples of treats grown on the property! Bring a lunch and have a picnic on a beautifully lanscaped piece of Flint history!

If you want to learn more about the Applewood Estate and the Mott Family, you can also take a tour through the house. I have taken it before I had my daughter, and it was very informative! I learned so much about their family history and what the Mott family is known for. This tour is also FREE!

Flint School of Performing Arts
Even though my daughter is still quite young, I aim to have her exposed to many different things. We have already taken a Mommy & Me Music class. She couldn’t even walk yet! I just wanted her to be around other kids and experience new things!

I have started looking for a program for her to join for this summer. I came across the Flint School of Performing Arts and the many classes that they offer during the summer. Their classes are for ANY ages! They have music classes and dance classes! I am planning to enroll my daughter in another music class. I’m sure that she will have more fun because she can actually walk around and dance now!

What are your plans this summer? What would you add to this list?

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