How a Kindermusik Class Brought Us Closer Together

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Have you tried Kindermusik with your child?

Before becoming a parent, I had no idea how many classes are available to infants and toddlers! I was a little skeptical: how much will a one-year-old really get out of a class? Financial decisions aren’t made lightly by stay-at-home moms. It’s all about balancing cost, entertainment and learning value!

My first try at a “baby class” was at a one-time Kindermusik session. My daughter was in that awkward almost-walking stage, during which she would get quickly frustrated at her lack of mobility. And that makes for a very frustrated Mommy — who wants to help but can’t. I wasn’t sure if we were ready yet.

Kristie managed to get an adorable snap at our first class.

With encouragement from the teacher, Melanie Knakal of Kindermusik at Faith in Davison, I decided to return to Kindermusik. I knew my daughter loved music, and I needed more excuses to get out of the house. I’m so glad that we tried the class a second time! We kept attending, and the surprises were truly beneficial to our relationship.

My daughter loves “Miss Melanie” our Kindermusik teacher!

Are you familiar with Kindermusik? Programming starts at birth, and children up to age seven are encompassed in the curriculum. Melanie explained the benefits of my daughter attending class, even at her young age. Children who learn through music not only experience music skill development, but further developing their social-emotional, cognitive, physical and early literacy skills. How amazing is that?!

I knew my daughter would learn about things like rhythm, dynamics, and movement but she learned so much more! Here are some of the not-so-obvious takeaways from our Kindermusik class with Melanie at Kindermusik at Faith Studio in Davison:

Relaxation Time
Before starting our class, my daughter fought every single nap and bedtime. You would never catch her falling asleep anywhere {except maybe the car} unplanned. She would never “cuddle” with us, or even lie down on her back! It was as if she needed to feel in control at all times. 

For Kindermusik, you’re asked to bring in a favorite blanket for the child to relax with at the end of class. Not only had I never seen my daughter relax before – but she’d never used a blanket {or anything else} as a comfort item. Needless to say, I had my doubts about this blanket-cuddling business.

That first session I mentioned? She was not having me trying to hold her during “relaxation”. But with each subsequent class, she resisted me less. By the end of our semester, it truly felt like she was enjoying being rocked on my lap to soothing music. What really made me happy, though, was that she started laying down on her own at home – both for naps/bedtime, or for breaks during playtime. She will actually request to sit by me with a blankie

Putting Toys Away
My daughter refused to give back any of the fun instruments or scarves for the first few weeks of class. I felt so embarrassed. It was as if the other Moms had “little helpers”, and I had a little… well, toddler.

Melanie has a melody she sings when we would collecting things: “time to put the toys away”. I started mimicking this at home when putting things “back”, a word we had been working on {such as: sippy cup goes “back” in its spot on the high chair tray}. She gradually started giving the instruments back in class; and is starting to put her toys away when I do the singing request at home! 

Toddlers are Explorers
One week I attended another educational session for toddlers, through our local Parents as Teachers program. Again, I started comparing my daughter’s behavior to that of the other kids. She just wouldn’t cooperate with me at any of the learning stations. It didn’t take long for our occupational therapist to see me fighting back the tears. I told her that it felt like my child was the only one running around the room instead of doing the planned activity. Her response was: “Every parent has told me that same thing.” Toddlers have so much going on in their growing brains that, of course, they’re not expected to sit still and listen.

Kindermusik is the same in that it allows my toddler to explore while learning! Melanie has a B.S. in Music Education and an M.S. in Counseling. She has been teaching music in school classrooms and private music studios for nine years and is a mom herself. She has taught elementary, middle school, and high school band, high school choir, and private music lessons in piano and voice. She knows and understands children. Her dream job is teaching music to children, and I’m so happy that my daughter is able to benefit from her amazing class!

My daughter’s growth over the last couple of months has astonished me. She can still be incredibly stubborn and persistent. But thanks to Kindermusik, I am better able to appreciate it now.

Have you attended a Kindermusik class with your child?  

Click here to see the full schedule of classes offered at Kindermusik at Faith Studio! 

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