Postpartum Shedding Sucks! Recover with Protective Styling

It’s such an exciting time after giving birth and meeting your new bundle of joy. This was my third go at giving birth, and you just never know exactly how your postpartum will go. Every post-baby experience can vary.

If there’s any one thing that I would say I hate most about Postpartum, it definitely would be postpartum shedding.  

You see those wonderful months prior to giving birth my hair was so wonderful! It was thick, full, and growing like a Chia Pet!  According to studies during our pregnancy, there is a higher level of estrogen in our bodies. Those higher levels of estrogen prolong the growth phase of our hair. When my son turned 4 months, my hair slowly began its shedding process. This process was not new to me since I had experienced shedding with all of the post-pregnancies. My first experience with post-partum shedding I cried, and went to my stylist and chopped all my hair off.  

But this time I decided to take it all in stride and plan my hair recovery:

  • I began collecting all of my shed hair during my weekly wash routine so I could keep an eye on how much I was losing.  This is important because if you see an extreme amount of shedding you may want to check up with your primary care physician.
  • I made sure to have blood work done too once my hair started shedding just as a precaution and all was well, just post-partum shedding.  

Now it was about putting a plan of recovery in place:

  • I knew that I would first need a trim, and I knew I would not be able to wear my signature bun for a while {I lost my edges}.
  • I knew the best option for me would be protective styling.  Protective styling can be bunning, braids, sew-in weave, and wigs.  
  • Protective styles are hairstyles that protect the ends of your hair and slows the daily manipulation of your own strands down, this can help with losing additional strands.  

This go round I chose a mixture between sew-ins and wigs.  I honestly just do not want to be bothered with my hair. Now I will still maintain a wash routine. Weekly, I will still be washing, deep conditioning, and doing the L.C.O Method.  The L.C.O. Method will keep my hair under protective styling moisturized and healthy. This is an important step that you do not want to skip: a scalp, and hair that is not properly managed can lead to even more shedding.

I choose this beautiful protective style wig crafted by business owner Eli Wallace. Eli Wallace hand sewed this wig and fitted to the specific dimensions of my head. I love this wig. It is so beautiful and natural looking. {For more information about purchasing a protective wig visit:}  It makes me feel at peace with the craziness going on, on my own head.  So for the next 6-months to a year protective will be my go to, and no tears this time! 

Have you experienced post-partum shedding? What are your tips?

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