Completing our Summer Bucket List: Am I a Good Mom?

This summer has really gotten away from me! More than midway through and I’m wondering have we hit the majority of our summer bucket list? Have the kids had experiences and made memories? Have we soaked up nearly enough sun to get us through these Michigan winters?  Am I a good mom? Am I a good steward of our time? Our money? Our things?

To be honest with all of you, my husband and I are in a season of hustle. We’ve both picked up side hustles to make our dreams happen. I help him with his while he goes to his 9-5 {rather 7-4}. We work late into the night and weekends, all while carving out small moments to do something special with our three rapidly growing kids.

Maybe some of you can relate?! You grew up, went to school, and found that “dream job.” Next got married, bought a home, and started a family. Only after a certain time working said “dream job,” you realized you were slaving away making ends meet for, really, someone else’s dream. Don’t get us wrong, were grateful for the food it puts on the table and roof over our head. But the question has to be asked, “are we really living?”

This week the kids and I had family reunion parties three days straight. While it was lovely to be with out of town with family, home felt like a haven when we finally got to just be. And then when the kids got restless from bike rides, neighborhood play, and yes reinstating the chore chart… it was time to find a quiet activity. The kind where the kids can wander and do something productive yet be chill. 

We headed to the local blueberry patch. Like our home, it’s off a little dirt road, there’s acres all around, and the kids can roam. We were greeted by our four-legged friend from past years of picking at the same patch, and off we went with four pails in hand. The day was partly cloudy with a light breeze at just the right moments. The morning was quiet and we had row after row of blueberry bushes to ourselves. 

summer bucket list

The kids roamed and picked to their delight. When the oldest found me he said, “Mom, your smiling.” And I was, because this is the life I’ve chosen. The simple, carefree moments of hands in plants and beams of sunshine warming my soul. Fresh air brushing my skin and my littles being themselves out in a garden. 



All my questions from the beginning of the post melt away in this precious, content feeling. I have done my utmost to make our summer special despite the hustle and transition of our life. We may be shifting our focus and striving toward new dreams, real dreams, dreams we were actually made for, but we are creating experiences and making memories with our kids along the way. 

So, how about you? Have you lived the life you wanted to this summer? Have you taken tiny moments and made them beautiful for your family? Have you embraced your dreams? I hope so!

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