Being a Mom Taught Me to Be a Kid Again

I had been dreading these colder, late-fall days. My toddler’s favorite pastime is running around outdoors. Sure, we can bundle up and still play for short bursts of time, but it’s often raining. There are indoor play centers, but I don’t always feel up to driving to one. My daughter quickly loses interest in her toys at home. So instead she stirs up trouble {what’s in these drawers?}, or clings to my legs, insisting that I let her see & do everything that I’m doing.

I inevitably lose patience with her, even on the best of days.

“Restrictions foster creativity”, a professor of mine once said. It’s all too easy to just turn on the TV. But after Elmo’s voice drove me to the brink of insanity, I decided to get creative!

Unfortunately, the adult world often robs us of our imagination. I needed to think like a kid again in order to beat my rainy day blues. My attempts at bonding with my toddler have reminded me how much I love so many things from my childhood!

  • Blanket forts
  • Acting out stuffed animals
  • Ball pits
  • Cardboard box/laundry basket imaginary play
  • Talking through a paper towel roll
  • Drumming on pots & pans
  • Coloring
  • {Sober} Dance parties
  • Playing dress-up
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Illustrated/interactive books
  • Squirting bath toys
  • Kid snacks {goldfish crackers, teddy grahams}
  • Boxed macaroni and cheese

Raising a toddler is no doubt challenging, and tiring. It’s easy to feel frustrated with them for not cooperating with your plans. But once you resign to their chaotic ways – you might actually have a lot of fun! Discipline, understanding of safety and their social graces will come as their brains develop over time. For now, I’m happy to think like a kid and enjoy this time with my sweet girl.

What’s a fun activity you forgot about – until you had kids?

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