Meet Jessica: A Grand Blanc Mom Low on Sleep, Big on Coffee and Adventure

Hello! I’m Jess and I am ooooh so happy to be here! I often tell people I get the best of both worlds, sacrificing any chance of a “normal” sleep schedule to be a stay-at-home-mom by day and a career gal by night. That means any given weekday, you might run into me zig-zagging around town before lunchtime… at McFarlen Library, a coffee shop with WiFi, the Flint Farmers’ Market or Children’s Museum, local parks or at the Burton Aldi playing supermarket sweep.

My daughter Amelia is an only child {for now? who knows!}. She’ll be four this summer and true to her July 4th due date and fashionably late arrival, she’s a firecracker who keeps us running with endless energy, imagination and confidence. She. Does. Not. Stop. She’s talkative and smart, creative and sweet. I love her more than I can say. She makes me proud, tired, happy, a little crazy and a far better person.

BIO Amelia Toddler
BIO Amelia PeteTheCat

I get the pleasure of raising her with my handsome husband Tyler. Because of my second shift schedule, he is in charge of the evening routine at home, so I’m thankful for our silly little family FaceTime chats. We’ve been together over 10 years now, married roughly half of that on a beautiful, cold October day in 2012. He’s loving, patient and supportive… a comic relief and level-headed force that keeps my Type A, Gemini self grounded when I start getting wild eyes or crazy ideas. People say our daughter is a carbon-copy of me, in looks and personality. What a lucky guy… 🙂

We share our home with an 85lb lab mix named Bruno who wants desperately to be a lap dog. He’s a really good boy, as long as you don’t stop petting him! We also have a snooty Calico cat named Vada who won’t dare let anyone get too close unless it’s on her terms. They are both shelter rescues and they’re quirky like us, we love it.

I am a Pure Michigan girl through and through, this state is beautiful! I had a memorable childhood growing up in Shiawassee County, riding bikes and going on family camping trips up north. I graduated from Michigan State University where I changed my major many times before settling on media arts. For the past decade I’ve lived in Genesee County truly enjoying all this community has to offer. I am still discovering new things as the seasons of life change!

Oh yea, that career I mentioned? I am a TV producer who writes local broadcast news for a living. It’s fun, fast and challenging, so being able to slow it down to share more personal musings as a mother with you is an exciting opportunity! I am fueled by coffee, humor {laced with sarcasm}and “glass half-full” optimism. I take a lot of pictures, love planning adventures {or anything really} and spend a lot of time with family. I will never say no to Mexican or a Greek salad from Olympic Grill. This summer you’ll find us soaking in the beauty of Applewood Estate {they have a great Friday story time!} and logging miles in the CrimFit Training Program. I’m not an avid runner, I just fake it sometimes, so that should be interesting. {#sendhelp}

I can’t wait to share more, connect with you and find new reasons to love this area, this tribe and this wild journey we call motherhood.

Hope to see you around!

PS – When I started this bio, I asked my daughter what I should write. She said, “You’re a very good mommy. You’re very sweet and kind and you are a really really nice person,” after a pause adding, “You always make the yummiest breakfast ever.”  She loves cereal and freezer-ready mini pancakes the most. I am killin’ it! 

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2 Responses to Meet Jessica: A Grand Blanc Mom Low on Sleep, Big on Coffee and Adventure

  1. Avatar
    Lori C. April 30, 2018 at 8:37 am #

    Jess, I am so excited to see your blogging journey! You are an amazing mommy to “meena” and I cannot wait to see you guys this summer! I am so blessed to be a part of our large & crazy family.

  2. jessicaacree
    jessicaacree May 1, 2018 at 6:57 pm #

    Thank you so much Lori 🙂 Large and crazy is right… we fit in perfectly, ha! We’ve both lucky to have married into one of the best families around! I look forward to following your writing more closely too.