Meet Jenna: Celebrating the Diaper-Free Life, and Working on Refilling her Cup

Hello! I am a full time working mom of two toddlers and self proclaimed book nerd. I am a city girl moved to the country and love it. I grew up in Center Line and met my husband at the age of 9! Our moms worked together and are best friends.

We were friends for many years writing letters back and forth and seeing each other occasionally. We both ended up at Oakland University at the same time and, as they say, after reconnecting it is all history now! This summer we will be our 9 year wedding anniversary.  Marrying my best friend is one of the greatest blessings of my life. He is my rock and makes me laugh every day. He has a passion for his family, work and sports like no one else I know. 

After finishing our degrees and spending a bit of time in North Carolina for work we landed back in Michigan close to family! We have not lost that travel bug and have recently been to Europe to explore London and Germany. I can’t wait to go back to London and check out Italy too. Once moving back to Michigan we finally settled into our first home in Davison. We are close to our family. That helps, since we moved in three months before our first child was born! 

Madeline is our four-year-old, spice of life daughter. She came out with a personality and spunk and it continues to amaze us every day. She loves to laugh, tell stories, run, and be on the move…at all times. Things she doesn’t enjoy- sleep, naps, or being calm. Madeline did not live the single child life for too long. At about eight months old Madeline found out her single child status was short lived. We were expecting a second baby and, ready or not, we were about to have two children in less than 17 months. 

Aubrey came into the world calm, a full head of hair and a snuggle bug. To this day that is pretty much Aubrey in a nutshell. She is turning three this July and still my snuggly girl. Aubrey enjoys all things her sissy does, sleeping, baby dolls, and her blankie. She has brought an amazing dynamic and energy to our family and it has not been the same since the day she was born.

We love our two girls and they love life! Recently we have found a new freedom—from diapers! After four years of diaper changing, I have graduated from that world. Now I LOVE the infant/baby stage, don’t get me wrong. But we as a family are really enjoying the new stages we are entering. Exploring our city and family long weekends while not being tied to bottles, feedings, diaper bags…it is heaven. I am here to say mamas still in the deep trenches: keep going, there is light! 

My poor doggy Abby! I almost forgot to mention her. She is our first child while we were living down south. She is a puggle who taught us patience, love and cuddles. Since the day Madeline came home she has been so good with both girls and once they started eating really became their best friend. For if you are looking for Abby look for a toddler with a snack low to the ground and Abby will be found.

After becoming a mom of two so quickly, I lost myself a bit. I have been working hard to get a piece back in my life just for me. I find I am better mom, wife, sister, auntie and friend when I am taking some me time to refill my cup a bit.

I love reading, this is a hobby I have had since a young girl and was fostered by my late Grandma Anderson. We used to talk for hours on the phone about books. I find reading a great way to learn new things and also relax. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t read, even just for ten minutes. I also enjoy travelling, knitting, running, laughing, time with my family, long talks with girlfriends and Summer time outside.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned negotiating life with babies/toddlers, post pardon depression and saying yes to the things in life that scare me. 

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