Davison, The City of Flags: A City Highlight

Located in Genesee County, the City of Davison was named after one of Michigan’s great pioneers, Judge Norman Davison. Davison, alongside his four sons, built a saw mill in 1831. Other early industries in the area included a washing machine factory, brick yard, bath tubs {with heaters}, buggy works and a cheese factory.

City Hall
Also housing Davison Police Department, City Hall was completed in 1969. Today, you will notice that the courtyard of City Hall is adorned with 51 flags. Old Glory flies among 50 other flags, each representing a state within our great nation.  In the forefront of these flags is a monument dedicated to the Veterans of the City of Davison {including Davison Township and Richfield Township}. 


Davison, The City of Flags
How does a city adopt this motto?  Here’s a brief timeline

  • In 1961, the Jaycees of Davison sold flags to area merchants in an effort to raise money.
  • In 1969, City government began using “Davison – City of Flags” on its stationery.
  • In 1973, signs were erected at entrance points into the City indicating that Davison is known as the “City of Flags.”
  • In 1975, David Purdie, Mayor of the City of Davison, made an official proclamation that adopted the slogan/motto that the City of Davison would be known as the “City of Flags.”


Davison Historical Society
Across the parking lot from the grounds of City Hall is the Davison Historical Society & Museum. This group of volunteers was organized to preserve the history of the Davison area. In your visit to Davison, stop in and visit this museum, showcasing thousands of artifacts of the city! 


In my visit at the Davison Historical Society, I was excited to find a Flag Disposal Box. I always knew there was a proper way to retire worn flags; however, until I did a little research of my own, I didn’t realize just all that was encompassed when retiring a torn, soiled or badly faded U.S. flag.


Rising to Fame
Many notable people have risen from the streets of Davison, including Thomas C. Hart, a U.S. Navy admiral and Superintendent of the Naval Academy in the early 20th Century. And probably more commonly known, Michael Moore, Academy Award-winning filmmaker.

Davison truly is a family-friendly area. From the education our children receive to the parks, activities, businesses and even my all-time favorite, the Davison Farmers Market, you can’t beat this city!

Give the City of Flags a visit the next time you are in the area!  You’ll be happy you did!

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