An Ode to Mamas of Kids Misbehaving in Public

I see you.

Cringing as your small child screams their ever-loving head off.

Pulling your own hair out as one child cries, two play calmly on the floor and another sits contently in your shopping cart in Target.

Kids Misbehaving in Public

Not my kid, but yes my sentiments exactly.

Rolling your eyes as kid number one loses it while trying to leave the park.

I have been you. I am you.

I know how it feels.

I hosted a first birthday party where I threw up in the bathroom from anxiety and nerves about two families getting along and everything being perfect.

I see you.

You are not alone.

No one mother is the same. Everyone has a unique bond with their children only they know; which rub on the head or back calms their baby, what works to soothe their child. All of it is only true to that child and that mother. I could come up with a million idea of how to stop someone’s screaming child in Target, or how to get them to behave. In reality? Only that mother knows her child, and what works best.

So many moms are afraid of their children misbehaving in public. I remember feeling that way. My mom told me she would give my brother and I warnings we must have been old enough to understand. If we continued, she would leave an entire grocery cart filled in the store and we would leave. All the yummy snacks we picked out would stay. She tells me that she only had to do this once. I know better how we block out the worst days and hold on to the best ones. Still, I appreciated her advice.

I only have one child right now. That in itself offers a whole other amazing struggle. When you have multiple kids, they can play together, but I am sure they must be harder to shop with. That is why Ikea has a daycare, am I right?! Ha. My kid would never stay there.

Kids Misbehaving in Public

This really is my kid, throwing a fit in Target on Mother’s Day. *Insert eye roll*

When I see you mama, in the store about to lose it, trying to stay calm with screaming kiddos. I will give you a knowing smile and a nod. I have been there. I know your struggle. One day those babies will be big, and they will sass and throw mega attitude instead of crying. It will be a whole new level of crazy. The days are long but the years are short.

We moms need to stick together. Reach out! Ask another mom for help, even if I look rushed I will always make faces at a baby. I already do make faces at those toddlers giving their parent grief. I give them the “mom look” for you. We can help each other, even with just a nod and a knowing smile.

Do you have a meltdown horror story? Share below! 

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