An Adventurous + Frugal Summer To-Do List

Sweet summertime is here! If you’re a list maker like me you like to make lists and you love the satisfaction of crossing each “to do” off the list. Most lists are made of things to do that aren’t necessarily fun. So, why not make a list of fun things to do this summer for you and your family! It can be simple or adventurous, but either way make sure it’s fun for both you and the kids. Summers always go fast here in Michigan and making a list to do this summer will make sure your summer is full of sweet memories and fun moments.

Today I’m sharing my summer to do list to get you started on making your own. I like to keep my list adventurous, yet frugal! Included are some links that offer recipes, locations, or visiting information. Once you make your list hang it somewhere the whole family can see and have fun crossing off each adventure!

  1. Visit the beach
  2. Go for a boat ride
  3. Make homemade milkshakes
  4. Complete a DIY project 
  5. Roadtrip to Lake Michigan
  6. Go to the local 4th of July Parade
  7. Make homemade pizza – here’s a recipe for pizza twists from the Mid Michigan Moms Blog Pinterest page
  8. Make s’mores 
  9. Visit Mackinac Island – check out the visiting website here for things to do and places to stay
  10. Visit a splash pad – check out your local Mid Michigan splash pads here
  11. Picnic in the park
  12. Go out for ice cream – check out your local ice cream shops here
  13. Visit the farmers market
  14. Visit the zoo – the Detroit Zoo is always our first choice 
  15. Make homemade popsicles
  16. Run through the sprinkler
  17. Go fruit picking at your local farm
  18. Make homemade lemonade
  19. Go fishing
  20. Read a book
  21. Go to the library on a rainy day
  22. Enjoy a nature walk on a local trail
  23. Visit a state park – check out the Michigan state parks on this map
  24. Unplug from electronics for a weekend
  25. Go for a swim
  26. Invite neighbors over for a potluck BBQ
  27. Meet friends at the park
  28. Have a movie night with plenty of snacks
  29. Go geocaching
  30. Hang out at your local “music in the park”
  31. Pay it forward
  32. Pick up lunch or dinner from a food truck
  33. Pack a bag of things to donate
  34. Stop at a community garage sale
  35. Watch fireworks
  36. Fly a kite

Enjoy making your own list this summer and don’t forget Mid Michigan Moms Blog has the information you need on events and things to do in Mid Michigan this summer. Happy summer friends!

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