Mom Truths: When a Stay-At-Home-Mom Returns to Work

I absolutely loved being a stay-at-home-mom. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s always been a perfect fit for our family. I cherished those baby days and really enjoyed preschool drop- off and pick-up all within the two-hour time frame {who makes those times up anyway?}. As my children grew, I embraced and honored each minute of every season. I even cried on their first days of school, knowing that their time with me was becoming limited.
Too Much Alone Time
When my “baby” went to kindergarten I was at the school several times a week. I was volunteering, running copies, helping in the library and involved with the PTO. Not because I was concerned with my daughter, but because I felt so lost with a full day of “alone time” on my hands. Towards the end of the year, I found myself arriving at pick-up earlier and earlier, solely because I didn’t know what to do with myself {and the endless list of chores didn’t apply here}! When I looked in the mirror, the woman staring back said that she needed more. The word job crossed my mind more times than I can count, but my heart wasn’t ready to take on anything else outside of our home. Of course, summer was approaching and negative thoughts pushed the idea of working away. I mean, who was going to watch three kids all summer?
To Work or Not to Work?
It was a time of self-reflection for me and I knew what I needed, but I was using excuse after excuse to not focus on myself. Getting a job sounded great…I would have projects, meet new people, and be responsible for something other than making lunches! But if I worked, who would watch my girls and would it be financially worth it? How would I still make dinner every night and drive the girls to activities each week? My husband works long hours so I could continue to make the sacrifice to stay home and take care of that “stuff”. There were so many factors to figure out, it was overwhelming to think about. 
But, I knew that I needed more personally. And, I knew that ultimately {gulp}, I could ask for help when I needed it.
Taking a Risk
I talked myself out of the guilt that I began feeling for leaving {Um, hey brain, you’re still their mom} my girls and let go of the reigns.
I’d been holding out for years to find SOMETHING for me. And when I finally started working, a void was being fulfilled.
I was feeling more confident each day, and having adult conversations frequently was an added bonus. Was it hectic some mornings? Yes. Was it worth it for my mental stability? Hell yes. 
Perks of Being a Working Mom
After a little push back, my girls actually enjoy that mommy goes to work now. They see that I am helping provide for them and as cliche as it can sound, they’re seeing that women are strong and can do whatever they put their mind to! They have also gained more independence resulting from me working. They love packing lunches and knowing that if they forget something at home, I’m not going to be able to run it up to them at school. Working outside of the home has also been great for my husband and I too. It has opened up yet another area of common ground and I finally understand how he feels when he tells me crazy work-related stories. 
As my girls get older {read: more expensive}, I realize that there are many positives about me working that will impact my family. But overall, it’s a great thing for me! One day my babies will be grown and I want a little something for myself too. I’m not suggesting that every stay-at-home-mom should return to work… But maybe I am just suggesting to always listen to yourself. If you are thinking about something and it’s pulling at your heart, take action. Don’t let those negative voices in your head tell you that you can’t do it because you can! I have learned that one of the most important aspects of being a good mom is taking care of yourself first.

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