Would I Let Someone Else Speak to My Child This Way?

It was the most amazing thing. I absolutely short-circuited my own temper when I felt fit to burst, with a single, unprompted thought.

Would I let someone else speak to my child this way?

The answer was obvious. I would tear the limbs off of anyone I caught speaking to my children the way I was doing.


Which brought me up short. It was like a moment in a movie when heaven opens up and a beam of light shines down. Mufasa almost prompted me to “Remember.”

I spend so much time trying to teach my children how to behave, and admonishing them to “use kind voices” and “think before you speak” and asking them if they would want to be spoken to that way. Then, I fly off the handle. {Granted, I have a few things going on, and like that meme says, I did ask nicely five or six hundred times at least, but still.} Mama needs to practice what she preaches.

But it’s hard!!

That’s why I was blindsided by the way this question worked. It made me sick to think of anyone else treating my precious children that way, and here I was doing it.

I’m sure most moms would admit to losing it from time to time – and let’s be honest, we don’t believe anyone who claims they don’t. Motherhood is hard. Not to mention, those tiny people learn fast exactly how to press your buttons.

So for a little while, I’m going to try asking myself The Question – would I let someone else speak to my child this way? – whenever I feel Te Ka start to emerge, and hopefully it will enable me to be my ideal Te Fiti self once more.

Can you relate? How do you practice what you preach with your children?

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