An A to Z Fall Children’s Activities Bucket List

As summer sizzles out, there are several things to look forward to in the fall. As moms, we love wrapping cardigans around our waists and strapping our boots on again. The air feels crisp against our skin, we get a little more free time as the older kids head back to school, and in Michigan, we’re extra lucky because the scenery looks gorgeous. Between the mums and falling burnt orange leaves, we inhale everything that fall brings. And there are so many opportunities for our kids to experience the magic of fall, too. You will adore watching your children explore the wonder of autumn. To be sure you and your family soak it all in, I’ve prepared an A to Z fall bucket list of things that you can do with your children. We at MidMiMB certainly hope you enjoy!

A is for Acorns
Grab a bucket and take your kids out to your yard. Encourage them to find as many acorns as you can. When they’re done {hopefully it takes a looong time}, you can count the acorns and even do a craft with them.

B is for Bonfire
Nothing is more fun that bundling up around a fall bonfire. It gets dark sooner, too, so the kids don’t have to stay up as late. Moms enjoy a hard cider while the kids indulge in just one more s’more before the leaves stop falling and the snow starts dropping.

C is for Cider Mills
Michigan has an immense amount of cider mills to go explore. Get in the car, drive to your nearest mill and inhale the delicious fresh apples, and of course, donuts.

D is for Drive
Pack some goodies, Dollar Store crafts, and take a drive north with your children. Show them how the leaves change and the beauty that our great state shows off in the fall.

E is for Eat Caramel Apples
By either making them yourself or simply buying them from the grocery store, indulge in the timeless caramel apple treat. You and your children can wash your hands and face later!

F is for Football
Nothing screams fall like football. Take the kids to a high school game, a college tailgate, or just throw the pigskin around in the backyard.

G is for Guts
That’s right. Nothing is more fun than diving your hand into the mushy pumpkin guts for kids. Toddlers especially love this sensory play. And later, you can have them pick out the pumpkin seeds and roast them for a salty snack.

H is for a Halloween Hayride
Put those adorable costumes on your children and head to a local hayride. Haunted or not, your kids will squeal with delight.

I is for I spy
Create a fall scavenger hunt game made from the old-fashioned “I-Spy” game. Have your kids hunt in your own yard by finding fall-like items like pinecones, acorns, gourds, different colored leaves, and more!

J is for Jump
Kids absolutely love jumping into a giant pile of leaves. Have them help you rake it first and then watch them continuously jump into it. Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures of the fun.

K is for Kettle Corn
Nothing beats freshly popped Kettle corn. Head to Crossroads Village or another local business and enjoy!


L is for Leaf Crafts
After the kids are done jumping into the leaf pile, have them collect leaves that they want to create some awesome leaf crafts. Head to Pinterest and look for all of the possibilities—they’re endless.

M is for Maize
Find a local corn maize and let your kids explore through it. It’s a blast to watch them try to find their way out all on their own.

N is for Nature Walk
This one has to be my favorite. Head to a local trail and walk slowly. My kids love to bring shovels and even Tupperware to put any cool things they find inside…even bugs.


O is for Orange
Plan an Orange Day at your house. Wear all orange, look for things all around the house (inside and out) that are the color orange, and do crafts that are all orange, too. Orange you glad I suggested this? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

P is for Pick Your Pumpkin
All of us remember those special autumn Saturdays when our parents took us to the nearby pumpkin patch. We could pick our own pumpkin. Nothing compares to the magic of the annual pumpkin pick.

Q is for Q-Tip
Q-Tip leaf painting is so easy for the little ones and so much fun. Simply draw a tree with branches on a piece of white paper and let your child paint the leaves on with a Q-Tip. It’s a fun and cool fall craft!

R is for Rake
Rake leaves over and over again. You’ll teach your children about chores and they’ll have fun helping out.

S is for Stargaze
The fact that it gets dark earlier is great for stargazing with our little ones. On a warm night, throw a blanket on the grass, and simply look up. Enjoy soaking in all of your child’s wonder from above.

T is for Thankful
Look on Pinterest and try to get your child engaged with Thanksgiving by looking up a cool Thankfulness activity. As a family, you could make a thankful tree, wreath, or even a simple jar. Every day have your child say something they are thankful for and write it down.

U is for Umbrella
Let your stress go. Dive into your closet, snag an umbrella, pull your rainboots up and splash in the puddles with the kids. There is something about letting yourself go. . . it feels oh, so good.

V is for Visit the Library
Take your kids to the library and choose a bunch of books about fall: nature, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more! Your children will love learning about this special season.

W is for Wreath
Make a fall wreath with your kids. With either real or faux leaves, teach them how to create your own decoration. If you’re like me, you’ll need Pinterest for a little help.

X is for Xenobiology
Ok. I confess. I desperately needed help from fellow blogger, Colleen Jeruzel for this one. Xenobiology is the study of extraterrestrial life forms. So, go outside and find those bugs. As Colleen says, “the fuzzy brown and black caterpillars come out in early fall!”

Y is for Yams
Go to a local farm or grab some yams from the store. Teach your child how to prepare this fall side dish and they’ll have both a memory and recipe to last a lifetime.

Z is for Zoo
Exploring the zoo in the fall is the best. It’s less humid and most important, there’s much less traffic. Kick through the leaves as you witness the animals during the autumn months.

What are some other things you do with your kids during the beauty of a Michigan fall?

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