Why Fall is Basically Every Mom’s Favorite Season

It’s fall y’all! I adore this lovely season and all of its cool, colorful goodness. I’ll admit it wasn’t always my favorite. It was always hard saying goodbye to the warm summer days spent at the beach when daylight danced across the sky well into the evenings. Long weekends were filled with adventures and dinner outside on the patio. There is lots to love about the warmer months, but when I became a mom everything changed. Fall is now king.

I have a new love and respect for this wonderful season that is upon us. Maybe you love fall, too. And there are many obvious reasons why you should. But if you are a mom, there is a lot more to fall than all its beauty.

Crisp Air and Cool Temperatures

Can I say, “Adios sunscreen!” any quicker? Having to lather up every inch of my kid in sunscreen each time we set foot in the sun is the absolute worst. Maybe I’m lazy, but I hate it. Don’t even get me started about reapplying sunscreen at the beach when they are covered in sand. Beach days were much more relaxing when I was only worried about my own sunscreen and not having to chase a toddler around a large open body of water.

Cool temperatures also make an outdoor adventure much more enjoyable because I’ve found I’m a much more patient parent when I am not sweating my butt off or melting in the humidity. It’s just not right that some days you can’t even go to the park to burn off some energy because the slide is practically melting as well.

Sweater Weather

There is nothing better than cozying up in a nice comfy sweater. Add some jeans and boots, and it’s pure heaven. This also means a free pass to skip out on shaving your legs a time, or two, or three. But who’s counting? I’ll take a few more peaceful minutes in the shower to just listen to the quiet any day. That is, of course, until there is someone banging on the door because they just can’t live without Mom for ten minutes. 

Back-to-School Season

It’s time to return back-to-school and with this brings back the normal routines. Between late nights, vacations and all the fun that is to be had, it is nice to go back to “normal” life. Even though I don’t have school-aged children, our routine always gets out of whack and this is the perfect time of year when we can all reset and get back on track. And I’m sure many of you are just heart broken to not hear, “I’m bored,” twenty-five thousand times every day. 

The Sun Cooperates With Bedtime

How hard is it to put a little one to bed when it is still light out?! Black-out curtains are great, but even so, in their clever little minds, if the sun is up, it’s time to play! Unfortunately, it means the days are getting shorter and soon it will be dark way too early, but I appreciate that the fall sun cooperates with bedtime. 

Halloween is Fun Again

Sure, there is an obnoxious amount of candy during this time, but I secretly can’t wait to raid the trick-or-treat haul. We worked hard for that candy. Also, I love any opportunity to dress up my kid in an adorable costume and parade them around the neighborhood while people comment how cute they are. I love that by becoming a mom I am able to re-live all of the excitement and fun that Halloween brings through her.

Football Season

A.K.A the perfect excuse to order pizza and declare it a day of “no cooking”. Even if you aren’t the football fan in the house, send Dad out with the kids to toss the football around at halftime and you’ve got yourself the perfect little nap time. Plus, how cute are mini football jerseys? 

Cider Mills, Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches

Only the best places to enjoy everything fall. Crisp air, beautiful colors, cider and donuts. No sunscreen {but still, it’s Michigan, so you better pack it}. It’s not going to be scorching hot. You can wear a cute sweater, meaning you can eat all the donuts you want and you don’t have to suck it in. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon some apple wine. What’s not to love?! Check out our Genesee County Cider Mill and Apple Orchard Guide to plan your next stop. With or with out the kids. 😉 

What do you love about fall? We’d love to hear! Let us know below!

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