Declutter Your Home by Getting Rid of These 50 Things

After a long, cold winter, I think all of us are ready to welcome some nice spring weather to our Mitten State! Hopefully someday soon the grass will start to green and there will be flowers everywhere we look. There is something so refreshing about spring. And nothing is quite as refreshing as a good ol’ spring cleaning.

This year as I’m preparing for my big spring cleaning purge, there is one phrase that keeps replaying over and over in my mind: Less is more.

I don’t know where all the stuff comes from, but one thing is for sure, more stuff equals more chaos. When things are piled up on the counters, in the playroom, and in all the corners of the house, you can bet my anxiety is piling up, too.  

When your goal is to pull a sippy cup out of the cupboard without causing an avalanche, that’s probably a good sign something’s gotta go! Literally, less is more. Less stuff means more space. Space for the things you use and space for the things that make you happy.

By getting rid of all these things that take up prime real-estate in my home and flat out drive me crazy, I am hoping it will help me find more peace and make our space more relaxing.

De-clutter your home this spring by getting rid of these 50 things:


Expired or stale food

Old takeout menus and coupons 

Extra kitchen utensils that are never used – we know you have that favorite spatula! And do you ever really use the ladle?

Sauce/condiment packets from restaurants

Leftover candy from more than one holiday ago

Tupperware missing its match or extra that doesn’t fit in its assigned space comfortably

Duplicate spices – why do I have 3 containers of paprika?!

Extra coffee mugs or glasses that don’t fit in their assigned space 

Decorative dishes that don’t stack well and are never used

Travel mugs or water bottles that leak


Travel/sample sized toiletries you’ll probably never use

Dried up nail polish

Old medications/prescriptions – Please dispose of properly. Find a drop off location near you

That lotion or shampoo you can’t stand the smell of

Extra bath toys that overflow their storage space

Old make-up or that lip color that you hate

Stretched out hair ties 

Extra/worn out towels – many animal shelters accept these as donations



Worn out tennis shoes

Shoes that are uncomfortable or don’t bring you joy

Clothes you haven’t worn in a year, don’t fit, or don’t make you feel good when you wear them

Plastic hangers you get from the store

Socks with holes or no matches

Jewelry you never wear

Old purses you never use

Bras that don’t fit right

Outdated belts, scarves, or other accessories that were once cool


Broken toys/junky party favors/kid meal toys

Child’s art – keep the handprints and special pieces – take photos of the rest

Toys you can’t stand picking up over and over (at least box them up for special play)

Dried up markers/paint/Playdough

Toys that have been outgrown

Stuffed animals with no special attachment

Clothes/shoes the kids have grown out of and you don’t need to save

Leftover diapers if the kids aren’t in diapers anymore or in a different size

Sippy cups/bottles that are missing parts or are never used


Any appliance or instruction manuals you could find online (that’s most of them)

Old CDs – copy into a digital format and get rid of ones that don’t hold a special place in your heart 

Pens that won’t write

Old phone chargers/cables for electronics you don’t even own anymore

Old check stubs/bills/receipts

Boxes electronics came in – even though the iPhone box is just so nice



Home décor that doesn’t match your house or make you happy (picture frames, art, candles, furniture ect.)

Gift bags you’ve saved – especially holiday specific – keep 3 general ones in different sizes and lose the rest!

Holiday decorations that are never used

Sheets that do not fit the beds you currently own

Books you won’t ever read again

Movies you have no intentions to watch ever again

Old magazines or catalogs

Holiday/birthday cards or past invites that have no sentimental value


What else should we get rid of? Let us know what’s on your list!

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