Dear Nanny, Thank You for Always Coming Back

Dear Nanny,

It’s Monday. You show up to our house and, per usual, are greeted by our crazy dog jumping all over you, my husband blowing out the door, and me most likely in my robe, hair sopping wet while running to the laundry room to find a clean pair of pants. And yet, you keep coming back.

There is the little man running wild with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing in the background, asking for ‘tractor rides’ or to go outside. He’s eating some sort of pancake, egg, or whatever keeps him occupied. Mornings are always a mess, but you keep coming back.

All day long, I get pictures of him smiling, on walks, playing in the yard, at the park, or nestled up on your lap napping. He’s devouring brussel sprouts, eating your own recipe of no-sugar whole grain muffins you whipped-up. He’s drinking fresh smoothies you made with vegetables and fruit you got on your trip to the farmers market. You take him to restaurants, Gymboree, swim lessons, doctor’s appointments, and even to your family events.  His first haircut, major milestone moments – most of those are all you.  

Thank you for always coming back.

I remember when we met you. He was maybe six weeks old and I was convinced I was never going back to work. I would never find someone who I trusted to be my son’s “other mother” – someone who would essentially be spending more time with him than myself.  Then you showed up, washed your hands before you held him for the very first time and admitted that you Googled our house to make sure we weren’t creepers.  I hate to say it, but that was the comment that sold me. It was just an extra bonus that you were the sweetest, easy-going person, who loved being outside, eating healthy, and didn’t mind that our dog was sitting one foot away from you on the couch. When we called you a few weeks later to see if you wanted the job, we were SO excited that you decided to come back.

I went back to work at nine weeks, and everyone called to check on me to see how I was doing. Did I cry the whole way in? Was I nervous walking out the door trusting my baby in someone else’s hands?  No tears, nothing… and why is that? Because of you. As a mom, I had that gut feeling, and I just knew.

Thank you for always coming back.

You saw him crawl for the first time, taught him to sleep in his crib {something his dad & I still can’t quite figure out}, heard his first words, and witnessed his first steps. You helped us the first time he got sick, dealt with my crazy {some may say irrational} fear of running out of breast milk. Our very first weekend away from him, he stayed with you. As much as he is mine, he has grown to be yours too.

Thank you for always coming back.

Somehow, someway, you deal with the crazy that is our family. And honestly, when we found out our family would be growing yet again, one of the very first things I did was figure out how long this new baby would get to have you. Eventually, you are going to move on to something new, raise babies of your own, and continue to be that wonderful person you are. But for now, we will take every second we can get.

Thank you for always coming back.

It’s hard being a working mom, knowing you are missing so much time with your little one who will never be the same again. Milestones come and go. Seeing a vast majority of those through iPhone photos weighs on your heart. However, when you find someone who you trust is loving your baby just like you would {if not better}, it makes it that much easier.  

We always talk about how we are a parenting tri-pod – what isn’t always mentioned though is how you love him because you want to, not because it’s your “job” and you have to. Thank goodness you keep coming back.

Does your child have “another mother”? I’d love to hear about someone you’re thankful for raising your baby too!

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2 Responses to Dear Nanny, Thank You for Always Coming Back

  1. Rebecca May 19, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    You described a family nanny to a T. I worked for the same family for 9 years. Always felt like my husband and I were their second set of parents. We took the kids on vacation with us, they’d spend the night at our house, we took them everywhere. Their parents trusted us totally. The daughter passed away at age 21. We were devastated. She was like our own daughter. When we greeted her parents at the funeral home. We all were tearful. The first thing they said to us was, you were her second set of parents. We really loved their children as our own.

    • stephaniemitchell
      stephaniemitchell May 23, 2017 at 7:48 pm #

      Rebecca, we are both so lucky to have those same feelings towards each other! I too grew up with a nanny and the parents were definitely correct because I think of mine as my other parents as well. I am so sorry for your loss, and I am sure those children felt the same exact way about you that you think of them. We are all so lucky to have found each other in life!