Learning to Embrace Your Mama Style

I’ve never considered myself a fashionable person. Sure, I like to look cute, but honestly I couldn’t tell you what is “trendy” right now. I like to be comfortable and I have a few go-to pieces I will usually wear over and over. It has taken me a while to figure out my mama style and become comfortable in my “new” body.

After my daughter was born, I really struggled with what to wear. Between my new “mom-bod” and breastfeeding, my pre-baby clothes were just not working. The problem was, I had no idea what to wear and every time I went to the store to browse for clothes I would get so frustrated. 

However, not nearly as frustrated as I got every time I had to get dressed in “real clothes” from my own closet. My jeans were too tight, yet when I bent over my butt would hang out. All my shirts were too short or too low cut and forget wearing a dress when you are breastfeeding 8+ times a day (unless it is a nursing dress – those exist!). I couldn’t tell you how many times getting dressed ended in tears. 

Fellow GCMB Contributor, Katie, looking fabulous in her nursing top and coordinating teething necklace. Practical,comfortable, and cute!

Start Small
In my mind I felt like I needed a whole new wardrobe. In reality, you do not. My hormones were being dramatic and thankfully my cool and collected, supportive husband, recognized this. He made me go to store and told me not to come home until I found a pair of pants and a few shirts. 

Having one pair of pants that actually fit was a turning point for me. Maybe you need to size up, but that is okay. I picked out a higher waisted pair of jeans and embraced my mom pants. After all, I was a mom and those hips produced something pretty amazing. 

Investing in something that is comfortable, fits, and makes you feel good is worth it, I promise. Even if it is just one or two things for now.

My typical casual mom outfit. High waisted skinny jeans, t-shirt, and a cardigan as a layer. Also – red lipstick. Total game changer!

Out With the Old
As a mom, your life is no longer ever going to be the same. So all of those “pre-baby” clothes that you are holding on to for “maybe someday” will probably also never be the same. 

Get rid of them!

Emptying my closet of all the clothes I passed over and over because they didn’t fit anymore or I just didn’t like was the most liberating feeling. 

Does it fit? Do you even like it? Have you worn it in the last year? NO? Get rid of it!

Embrace Your Mama Style
With all of the new found freedom in your closet, you have room to fill it with what makes you feel good. I’ve learned to embrace my higher pants and looser shirts. I’ve learned layering is my best friend and flats with memory foam in the soles is the way to go. 

You may have to venture out of your comfort zone and try on things you might not normally try to find out what works. Try on pants in all different cuts. Try different sizes. Look for pieces you can dress up or down.

Once you learn what works for your body, run with it. Slowly building your new wardrobe with things here and there that you actually love will make all the difference in your confidence, mood, and you’ll be ready to rock that mom life, date night and everything in between! 

What is an essential in your mom wardrobe?

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One Response to Learning to Embrace Your Mama Style

  1. Mary C
    Mary C April 20, 2017 at 5:20 pm #

    YES! Yes yes yes! Trying to fit into those stinking low-rise jeans that looked so great in high school (with that high school body) is SO BAD FOR MORALE! Holy moly.

    Thank you, Kristie! You and Katie look awesome!