2018 County Fair Guide In + Around Mid-Michigan

The County Fair is a summer event that should be on every family’s summer bucket list!  It is an exciting and educational place full of adventure!  Mid-Michigan has some of the best county fairs in the country.  The sights, sounds and dare I say smells of the fair take me back to my favorite time of year!  It is where I met my husband and where my family spends our “summer vacation”.   I can’t think of another place where kids can experience all that the fair has to offer for such a low price and so close to home. 

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The rides are exciting, the grandstand shows are spectacular and the food is delicious {did someone say funnel cake?}.  The heart of the county fair beats in the livestock barns.  The kids who belong to 4-H and FFA are responsible, intelligent and passionate about what they do.  I encourage you to visit any of the county fairs in Mid-Michigan this summer and spend some time in the 4-H and FFA barns.

Check out this list in + around Mid-Michigan, and enjoy with your family!

Oakland County Fair, Davisburg , July 6-15  

St. Clair County Fair, Marysville , July 16-21 

Huron Community Fair, Bad Axe July 29-August 4

Clinton County Fair, St. Johns  July 30-August 2 

Gratiot County Fair, Alma  July 30-August 4 

Ingham County Fair, Mason  July 30-August 4 

Saginaw County Fair, Chesaning  July 31-August 4

Shiawassee County Fair, Corunna , August 5-11 

Bay County Fair, Bay City, August 8-12 

Midland County Fair, Midland, August 12-18

Macomb County – Armada Fair, Armada, August 13-19  

Sanilac County Fair, Sandusky, August 20-26 

Genesee County Fair, Mt. Morris, August 20-26

4-H and FFA members care for their animals exceptionally well.  In the months leading up to the fair the animals are washed, groomed, trained and pampered.  They are kept cool, comfortable and fed specialized, nutritious diets.  Many of them are raised to be sold at auction and used for food.   Others are taken home to be kept as pets or breeding stock.  A good question to ask is “Is this a meat animal or a breeding animal?”  Whatever the ultimate purpose of an animal is, you can rest assured that the child who raised it cares deeply for it. 

image courtesy of 4-H


If you would like more information about your local 4-H Program contact your county MSU Extension Office.  If you want to learn more about FFA contact your closest High School or Ed Tech Center click here!

Do you have fond memories of visiting a fair as a child?  Take your pick from our 2018 guide, and let us know what you think of the fair you visit this summer!

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