Meet Amanda: An ‘Indoors-y’, Positive, Working Momma from Clio!

Hey friends, Amanda Mills here!

I’m so excited to be joining Mid-Michigan Moms Blog as a writer. I’ve been married to my hubby almost 10 years and we have 2 beautiful, bossy children. They get it from their father, I’m sure of it!  Ok, ok that’s a lie 🙁 


I went to college to be a teacher. My life long dream of chalk, red pens, bobbing heads hugging my legs, ugly sweaters year around, and quiet lines in the hallway came true for nearly a decade!

Then in 2012 I had my 2nd child. Her strong willed personality had other plans for me. She refused a bottle. We tried it all! (Did you know there’re over 20 types of bottles and nipples and lots of advice). I decided to take the rest of the school year off. I was angry and sure I’d go back to teaching. I didn’t last long at home.  I swore I wouldn’t work for my family’s business. It was so busy, time consuming and intense. I watched my mom give all her time and energy into it my whole life. It scared me. Well, 2 hours of returning emails a day for her turned in to running the business with her and my sister.  5 years later I’m VP slash HR  slash handle whatever big thing happens that day with a few great perks 😉I’ll always be a teacher at heart, though. Anyone need a great job? I’m hiring…lol!

I work extra hard at balancing my home and work life. I have to be intentional of putting my work aside and being present with my family. It sweeps me up very easily some days.

I’m a Christian, growing in my faith. Stay with me, I fail daily, too. I am just a sin-natured, sailor-mouthed, control freak, child of God leaning on grace & his spirit. Becoming a Christian was like learning a foreign language. I completely  understood how to do the “right thing,” pray and go to church. But when He swept me up and took hold of my heart I was so overwhelmed with love, freedom and yet dumbfounded. I’m sure I’ll share a lot more of that in future blogs. This has become a big part of who I am and how I live, feel, share and see the world. 

I am a coffee snob, grammar geek, pretend to be photographer, and wanna be chef as long as you say “mmmm” while you are eating. It’s these picky people in my house that ruin the fun for me. I love music and singing. We travel often. It’s the best way for me to truly turn my work off.

We visit my mom or grandparent’s cabin almost every weekend in the summer near West Branch and their homes in Florida a few times in the winter.

I’m by far the most indoors-y person you’ll meet. I was kind of afraid to admit that because everyone is “adventure,” “gardens,” or ” hashtag outdoor life!” And I’m over here blogging, doing up-dos, makeup, creating recipes and editing my pictures. Don’t get me wrong a boat ride, a pool side suntan, my son’s baseball games: I’m all in! As long as I don’t get my nails dirty. Ugh, so annoying…but it’s true… I’m that girl.

We visit Azure Acers  to pick blueberries or Goal Post is a win for pizza because my kids love arcade games.

It’s close and quiet, oh and so good! We love Emagine theater or the mall in Birch Run! And I am in my kids’ classrooms as much as I can. I’m sure their teachers love help from a “I use to  be a teacher” trying not to be a know-it-all-mom!

I’m really good at seeing the bright side, hence my blog, Chin Up Buttercup. My mom drilled the positive-you can do it-try harder mentality into us. It comes in handy often but it can be a weight as a tired momma sometimes too. So lucky me, I can find a balance between the two. Work hard, but it’s ok to settle for less. I like it.

I’m excited to make so many new friends and write more of my honest, messy life with you. Like most families, we don’t have it all together,  but together we have it all!

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