Meet Colleen: A sarcastic mom, laughing through mommyhood

Hello cyber world, I’m Colleen! I am so excited to be a new contributor with Mid-Michigan Moms blog. I am a full-time working, 24/7 hassling mom to a hilarious sassy tween almost 11-year-old Charlotte. I recently married my wonderful husband Andy. We have a very fluffy, angry-looking cat named Milo, who actually puts up with extended forced love from my daughter and myself but really prefers my husband. Together we live in South Lyon, where we enjoy the cute downtown and suburban charm.

Our lives have been busy with activities the tween enjoys, girl scouts and dance. I fully embrace my dance mom status, although my husband is the better dance parent.. he actually made one of her costumes this year! Sewed it by hand and used my mother-in-law’s sewing machine. He’s pretty awesome. I could not be more proud of both of these hooligans. Girl scouts keeps us busy as well, but my other troop leader and myself keep our calendars under control. We push those cookies but we do not over-do it.

Milo the cat, girl scouts, handmade dance costume and normal char

I had Charlotte young, and ended up splitting up with her biological dad. Obviously it happened for a reason, Charlotte and I could not be happier with Andy. Shared custody is a struggle for all of us, especially hard on my kid. Having two homes is difficult, thankfully Char is a tough cookie with a caring heart. She makes it easy to be her parent, most of the time. Ha.

Being a ‘younger’ parent is another defining aspect to my momness. Most other moms are surprised when they find out my age {not as much these days as I finally made it to 31}. It was a tougher journey for me but also helped grow my sense of motherhood and how I have raised my kiddo.

When it comes to down time, I love to spend time with my little family. We love hanging out on the couch watching Netflix or Hulu, going for bike rides on the trails near our home and just being silly and laughing together. We also love tent camping and spending time outdoors as a family. Andy and I enjoy checking out new breweries and wineries, and being foodies. In my spare time I enjoy shopping, crafting, spending girl time with my friends, being awkward and especially staying home.

I am thrilled to start my blogging journey, grateful for this opportunity with MidMIMB. I hope to embrace some tough topics and laugh through this crazy life as moms together.

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