Meet Victoria: Wife, mom, and birth doula in Bay City!

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria and I’m over-the-moon excited to be a new contributor here on Mid-Michigan Moms Blog! I’m a follower of Jesus, slightly “crunchy” woman, birth doula, wife to a handsome stud named Emerson, mommy to the most spunky, polite, and adventurous girl, Elyanna, and expecting our first son, Enoch, some time around July 5th. I was born in Midland and raised in Bay City until I left for my own adventures.

Family Christmas Photo

Family Christmas photo 2017. Photo Credit :: Kendra Renee Photography

My husband and I met at church in 2010 in Bay City. However, it wasn’t love at first sight. I was, and still am, an outgoing, bold person and my husband, well he’s never been much for words. After moving to and then back from Houston in 2013, we restarted our friendship. Remember how I said he wasn’t much for words?  Well, he floored me with the most amazing way of telling me I’m beautiful in February 2014. After that, the rest is history. We got engaged February of 2015 and married August 28th, 2015.

wedding day photo

Photo Credit :: Kendra Renee Photography.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of adventures, ups and downs, and learning where our faith stands as a family. That, however, is for a later post. My husband and I are native to the area so, you can say we’re almost at “pro level”. We absolutely have a love for the outdoors, travel, camping, sitting around a fire and enjoying life when we can. We’re not much for big cities since we both grew up and currently live in smaller towns. 

Before I was married, I served in Houston for just under a year as an intern children’s pastor for the street ministry called Somethin’ Good In The Hood. Almost every day, we would drive our big, yellow trucks that read “Children’s Activity Truck” {or CATs as the kids would call us} out to the toughest areas in America. We would do fun and engaging activities with the kids, feed them candy or doughnuts {depending on the day}, and tell them about Jesus. Trust me, it wasn’t just for the kids. The adults would participate as well!

Missionary work

Some of my “kids” in Houston.

Fast forward to the present, when I’m not teaching our 1 ½ year old about why she can’t color all over herself or her books, I’m usually found at my current job as Operations Director for Beacon of Hope Pregnancy Care Center in Saginaw. I love all things helping women, babies, and families and this has been one of the most fulfilling jobs {if you want to call it that} I’ve ever had the pleasure of being hired on for.  I’ve also recently gone through training to become a certified doula!  I’m excited to share my passion for moms, babies, and families in that field as well.

In my spare time, I enjoy dancing with Restored to Glory Dance Ministry out of Bay City, singing, reading when I have a moment to myself, and just being as present as possible.

Dance photo

Dancing with Restored to Glory with the Sing Noel choir in 2017. Photo credit :: Leslie Webb.

Bay City and the Mid-Michigan area have a lot to offer and so many new things to discover! Everything from slow roll in the summer to winter festivals; there’s often more than meets the eye. I cannot wait to share the hidden gems in our area with you soon!

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