What I Learned When I Started Dating My Husband Again

When I was in my early 20’s, I loved to hang out. Once I became a mother, I became a homebody. Everything revolved around this little person that I loved. My husband and I were so busy trying to be stable for our family that we didn’t make spending time together a priority. Once we were stable in our relationship… more children came and the cycle repeated itself.

Between working, going to school, and community commitments, we were too busy to date. As the kids grew older, we would go out but not often. It didn’t help that I was very particular about who watched the kids either. It began to take its toll. It takes someone in the relationship to realize when you’re just going through the motions, a realization that hurts but is necessary for growth. Our day-to-day activities as parents tend to consume us and simply put: we forget to enjoy the moments as a couple.


My husband was determined to get me back out of the house again. When we went out, he would let me know that my conversation was turning into “mommy talk.” Turns out, sometimes it was hard to chat about anything else because being a mother consumed so much of my time. I slowly stopped being a mommy bear. We made a pact to go out on dates twice a month. We kept the pact going for six months and became busy again. I did, however, realize how important it was to make dating a priority. It gave our relationship a spark again. It was admittedly fun to get dressed up and anticipate just hanging out with the person you love. Nowadays, if we can’t get out for a date, we find ways to have a date night at home.


Once I became a mother, those little people took over my world, but I can’t forget about the person that I created those little people with. I believe dating reignites the connection a couple had before creating a family together. So whenever you get a chance… get all dolled up and let yourselves have a great time! You won’t regret it.

How you carve out time for dates in your busy parenting schedule?


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