Homeschooling: Finding That Something

My husband and I grew up in traditional families with what we consider to be ‘average American childhood experiences’. We had loving family units, siblings, pets, summer vacations, and attended public schools. We thrived as children, made friends, were in band, and went on to college after graduating from high school. Yet, looking back, we both feel as though there was something more we could have gained or experienced in the public school setting. And so, the topic of homeschooling came up one day and seems as though it could be the something we had been looking for.

I cannot quite recall how or when my husband and I started toying with the idea of homeschooling. It perhaps started as a joke that turned into a conversation, which has now morphed into our plan. A plan, that hopefully will fill the void we experienced. Here’s the catch, my husband and I have zero experience with homeschooling. None. Nil. Nada. Outside of a few distant family members and workplace acquaintances, we have no personal, up-close, hands-on experience with absolutely anything having anything to do with homeschooling-which to me is both extremely exhilarating, absolutely terrifying, and moderately humorous.

In order to find our, and perhaps their, something, we have decided to dive in head first and solely take on our childrens’ educations. In doing so, we can’t help but feel a bit of pressure and ask ourselves: What if we fail? What if they fail? What if it isn’t a good fit for us? What if the something was simply in our imagination? BUT, what if we are successful? What if they are successful? What if it is the perfect fit and that something is unearthed?

For now, I am placing my self-doubt and worry aside and focusing on the excitement of this opportunity and the possibility of offering our children that something that we feel we missed out on. Please follow along with us on this journey as we experience certain highs and lows and maybe, just maybe find that something.

I have a new found joy in sharing our homeschooling story as well as hearing others’ stories. If you find yourself considering homeschooling or are currently homeschooling and looking to connect, please feel free to comment below or shoot me a message!

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