Family Friendly Food and Drink in Flint

Flint is resilient. Despite all of the bad press, the reality is Flint is well loved and has a lot to offer. Interestingly, it seems like the only people who are aware of that are the people living in the city. Flint prides itself on culture: good food, craft brews, and it doesn’t take long driving through the city before you see a wicked, cool art installment on the side of a building. How fun would a Flint art scavenger hunt be?! Whether you’re looking for something to do for a date night, a fun day out with the kids, or an opportunity to get involved and support the Flint community, I have a list of hometown hot spots in Flint that are worth adding to an itinerary. For this post, we will be talking about good eats and craft brews. 

flint farmers market

Flint Farmer’s Market
The Flint Farmer’s Market is a treasured location in Flint that brings so much joy to the community. An enjoyable stop for browsing unique shops, grocery shopping for locally grown and sourced foods, or meeting up for a community event over a yummy meal from one of the market vendors. There’s so much to see and choose from no matter what you’re in the mood for; you can’t go wrong! 

Recommended: Everything I’ve ever tried there has been so good! However, if you can’t decide and like middle eastern food, stop by the Beirut Restaurant for some shawarma.

Kid Friendliness: A family friendly atmosphere with lots to see, do, and eat! A regular stomping ground for our family especially to fill our bellies! I love taking our son, Landon, here. Flint Farmer’s Market gets 5/5 “Landons” for Kid Friendliness.

flint crepe company

Flint Crepe Company 
Did you know that the Flint Crepe Company is “ranked as one of Michigan’s Top 10 coffee shops with a chai latte renowned state-wide”? With delicious crepes for a sweet treat or a savory meal, they claim to offer something for everyone using only locally sourced ingredients with the ability to cater to all budgets, vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, and the dietary restricted (gluten, dairy, soy).  Located in the heart of downtown Flint. Just look for the bicycle!

Recommended:  The Reuben crepe and Chai Latte

Kid Friendliness: There is not a kids’ menu, however, I wouldn’t hesitate to take Landon here. Between the sweet and savory, I know we would find something he would enjoy. Flint Crepe Company gets 4/5 “Landons” for Kid Friendliness.

flint cafe rhema



Cafe Rhema

If I’m looking for a delicious coffee beverage, smoothie, or bubble tea, I’m heading to Cafe Rhema. A great spot to meet people and catch up on some personal work. The vintage aesthetic with marque letters, red velvet curtains and gorgeously ornate red leather couches against a brick wall and damask wallpaper makes my heart happy. With a backroom lounge and stage, you can often find performers and events to stumble in on or plan to attend.

Recommended: Can’t go wrong with coffee, but for the novelty, should snag a bubble tea.

Kid Friendliness: A perfect stop with a cool setting for the kiddos to grab a bite to eat and a nice drink on a downtown walk. Depending on the age, the longer the stay the less kid-friendly it might become. Cafe Rhema gets 4/5 “Landons” for kid-friendliness.

flint blackstones


Blackstone’s classifies itself as an “authentic Irish/American pub” and is easily one of my favorite Flint restaurants because you can definitely feel that aesthetic vibe when you’re there. I’m sure you could guess that this is a hopping joint on St. Patrick’s Day. May the claustrophobic be warned on the 17th! Although more of a restaurant than what I would consider a traditional “pub”, their Blackstonetini is a delicious adult beverage! I will also make mention that they are closed on Sundays, a bummer of a mistake we’ve made on a couple of occasions. 

Recommended: Potato Leek Soup, the Reuben, and Blackstonetini 

Kid Friendliness: Although they aren’t specifically accommodating for children and don’t have a kids’ menu, I would say the atmosphere could be similar to that of an Applebees or Red Robin (although with a unique, hometown twist and less commercialized) and I’m confident a picky child would probably be able to find something off their menu to enjoy, like the nachos. I would generally not have an issue bringing Landon with me.  Blackstone’s gets 3/5 “Landons” for Kid Friendliness. 

Honorable Mentions for 3/5 “Landons”:

flint white horse

White Horse
One of the community’s well-loved gathering places for years, White Horse is definitely a dimly lit traditional bar with bar food, however the consensus is pretty clear among many, myself included, they have the best pizza around. If gluten is a dietary restriction for you, like it is for me, you will be delighted to find that they serve gluten free pizza made to order (at no additional charge). Their pizzas are also half off on Sunday if you dine in! When they are busy, they are really busy though so expect to take a couple hours out of your evening with that possibility. 

Recommended: Pizza!

Kid Friendliness: The atmosphere is not one I would feel comfortable taking an almost two year old to (maybe a child older than 10?), however I have seen a child or two there on an occasion.  With their take out, Landon would be down for some pizza. White Horse gets 1/5 “Landons” for Kid Friendliness. 

Honorable Mentions for 1/5 “Landons”:

flint tenacity brewing



Tenacity Brewing
Tenacity Brewing is Flint’s very own craft brewery with a wonderful selection of craft brews. I, myself, am not a beer drinker, but my husband loves stopping by with friends for a couple drinks. I’m more of a hard cider gal and really enjoy the blueberry cider they have on tap, Honey Blue Blue. (I’m quite excited for Flint’s very own hard cider company to finally open up downtown, Flint City Hard Cider Co.) Tenacity always has a bunch of events on the calendar, offering fun, community-oriented events like live performances, pop-up flower markets where you can build your own bouquet, and Painting with a Twist. Not to mention, they are currently serving Vehicle City Tacos if you want to get your local food truck on!

Recommended: Farmer’s Daughter for the beer drinker and Honey Blue Blue for the hard cider drinker.

Kid Friendliness: Whether it’s an outing with friends or a date night with the hubby. This is a place I would find a babysitter for! Tenacity is 0/5 “Landons”.

Honorable Mentions for 0/5 “Landons”: 

Stay tuned for more Hometown Hot Spots with other cities and keep an eye out for more hot spots in Flint in the coming months between attractions and events Flint has to offer for you and your family.

Are you a Flint native or frequent traveler to Flint? What are some of your favorite Flint hot spots?

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