Cousins: Built in Best Friends

I remember the call from my sister in law that they were pregnant. I remember telling my husband that since we lived out of state at the time I would need an open ended ticket to fly home in June of 2012. The joy of moving home before this new baby came was amazing. I was there at the hospital a few months later when sweet Anderson arrived.

The first baby in the family named after our late grandma. My heart exploded. I remember seeing the joy in my brothers’ face as he introduced us to his son. I couldn’t believe how this little thing took my heart in a matter of seconds and had a never-ending hold on it. I had heard of love at first sight. I had no idea until I met Anderson.

Not more than a year later I got to share the news that he had a friend on the way! We were expecting our first child, the second grandchild, and Anderson’s new playmate.  I was sucking up every ounce of my time with Anderson and dreaming of the cousin for him that was growing in my belly.

Meanwhile, I was giving the third degree to my brother and sister in law on everything from breast pumps, bottles, swaddles, best diapers and more. Then the cold day in February 2014 came when my pregnant sister in law showed up to the hospital in high heels to be my coach.

Right alongside with my hubby she coached me, calmed me, and called me a BADASS woman, held my leg as I pushed for two hours. She kissed my forehead as they began to wheel me off to my C-section. She had been through one with Anderson and had shared all the details…all the details. She knew what was ahead of me but knew I could do it and her niece or nephew was not too far from making their appearance.

After nine months and two days of waiting, 22 hours of labor my Madeline came screaming into this world! Now Anderson had a cousin and my heart doubled in love.


From the minute Anderson met Madeline he loved her. He was so sweet and would just watch her as we passed her all around oohing and ahhing at all the pink and ruffles. Then he got to hold her and we reminded him his new sibling was not too far behind.

My sweet niece came along four months later and made her momma wait for 50 hours of labor. Miss Arianna came out with a full head of hair and strong-willed from day one. Now the cousin crew grew to three! My heart grew again as I held Arianna and snuggled her. Knowing that my Madeline now had two cousins, two besties! Both girls had Anderson as a big bro to watch over them.


As the girls began to grow, it was so special to see their bonds form and Anderson look at them so sweetly. They loved to watch him and stare at him. He could walk, talk and get toys off high shelves he was pretty much a superhero. He was and still is so gentle and kind.

My sweet Aubrey came within 17 months of Madeline. Now we had four cousins under four! Four bleary-eyed parents. Diapers, bottles, toys, sippy cups, and bibs galore. Grandparents taking shifts so we parents still could get a night out…where we would still talk about the kids. It was amazing. It was a blur. It was impossible to get them all together in a picture since someone was always sleeping or eating, but no worries this Auntie and Momma is determined to get pics!


The laying on blankets and drooling turned into toddling around which led to running after each other for the one doll {all three girls wanted!}cousins

 Anderson is their big brother helping them reach things, look after them when the moms go for a wine refill and teaching them funny things like “poop.” We have been able to have cousin playdates, dinner dates, sleepovers, trick or treating together and we are only a few years in.cousins

Every time we mention going to Anderson and Arianna’s that becomes the topic of every sentence until we arrive in their 20 minutes away driveway.  We are greeted with screams and squeals. They catch up and show each other new toys, my girls find the sippy cup and snack cupboard quickly.

I thought my heart couldn’t take it once we had Aubrey. But seeing these kiddos grow up together, play, hug, laugh and love on each other my heart still grows. We are so lucky to have cousins close in age, in distance, and in our hearts.


Are your kids blessed with cousins?

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