10 Reasons I Love Having my Children Close Together

I know, I know… “you sure have your hands full”. I’ve heard it a million times.

It’s the title of the movie they will someday make about my family. Yes, my hands are full… but if you could see how full my heart is, you would understand that no matter how crazy we may look pushing our four-seat stroller, or all of us sitting in a restaurant together… we are truly blessed. And there is nothing I would change.

My children are 3, 2, 1 and 3 months old. And I’m just going to jump right into all the reasons why I love having my children so close together!


They have built-in buddies! While they can fight like none other, at the end of the day, my children are best friends.

Hand-me-downs from siblings are still in style! My daughters have all shared clothes, and there are no items I find and say “wow, I dressed your sister in that?” Because it was only a year ago!

Everyone likes the same shows/movies! I don’t have one kid wanting to watch Barney, while the other thinks they’re too cool and it’s a silly baby show. Even though it absolutely is. Like, WHAT is it about that dinosaur that kids find so appealing?!

Everyone plays with the same toys! I find it much easier to justify buying a nice big toy knowing it will get a lot of use because they will all enjoy it together! And obviously their birthdays are close together, so it’s perfect for joint gifts!

Snuggles are amazing! None of them are to the point of not wanting to snuggle my husband and I. So if you grab one, you almost always end up with at least three of them in your lap.

Their conversations are hilarious! Our third, she’s 18 months and is really trying to contribute to the conversation these days. But my son who is 2 understands most of what she says! And my oldest who is 3, is the translator for all of them. If I can’t understand, she usually knows what they’re trying to say!

They look out for each other. My son isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone who is mistreating any of his sisters. They may drive him nuts, but no one gets to bully his girls. 

Their schedules are the same. I’m not shuttling one to school in the middle of someone’s nap time or picking someone up from football practice while one is needing to go to bed. Everyone naps at the same time, and are all asleep by 8:30 pm. 

All the attention we get! So that’s totally a lie. Because the looks get old after a while. And people asking if they’re ALL ours! But my husband and I have recently felt it’s a calling to be proud of our crazy little family, and show this world that children truly are a blessing. So even though going out with everyone is sometimes maddening, I also want to be an example of what joys big families bring.

The love. And not just the snuggles and cuddles and kisses that we receive from them. Or the ridiculous amount of love we feel for them… but the love they share with each other! They’ve had to learn how to share not only toys, but time with mommy and daddy. And that’s given them a lot of understanding and compassion. They really care about one another. And I’m blessed enough to witness their precious relationships every day!

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