Five Toddler Approved Apps

Screen Time. A much debated topic. A topic that took no contemplation whatsoever after our family welcomed baby number three. Hello exclusive pumping and a gassy baby. So, here it goes…we are a tablet family, but we are a tablet family with a TON of rules and expectations.

I’ll save you from reading a list of ‘rules’ to get to some fun: Our 5 Favorite Toddler-Approved Apps


Endless Alphabet, Numbers, Reader, & Wordplay

App images © Originator Inc

Originator is the creative genius behind these apps, and three others, that aim to make learning fun, engaging, and simple. Hands down these are my favorite and my kids’ favorite apps. They teach numbers, letters, and an introduction to phonics. These games feature cute monsters and present the numbers/letters in a variety of fun, creative ways to keep little minds interested.

Cost – free previews, variable costs for additional add-ons depending on operating system


Sago Mini

App images © Sago Sago Toys

Sago Mini is a publisher of over 30 gorgeous apps that have a little of something for everyone. The graphics are beautiful and brightly colored, with fun characters. This group of apps is so fun. They offer a bit of hand-eye coordination and developing small motor skills of the screen variety, lol. My kids’ favorites are Sago Mini Fairy Tales, Boats, Sound Box, and Road Trip.

Cost – many of these apps are free and some have a fee of $2.99+


Busytown Mysteries

App images © Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

We recently discovered these apps as my son has grown to love all things Busytown. These apps take kids on an adventure, with the beloved Richard Scarry characters, engaging them along the way to help solve a mystery. There are a few different ‘mysteries’ available; my son’s favorite is ‘The Mystery Present.’

Cost – depends on operating system, free – $2.99+


Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Apps

App images © Fisher-Price

This group of apps is great for early learns. There are a variety of formats that teach shapes, colors, counting, and letters. The app is easy to navigate and has fun colors and sounds. My toddler loves the music and sounds in these apps.



Letter Quiz/Number Quiz

App images © Tantrum Apps

These apps help little ones to learn their numbers and the alphabet. These apps are great because they offer letter and number identification, as well as, letter and number tracing. These apps offer free previews in ‘lite’ versions with additional fees to purchase the entire alphabet or additional numbers.

Cost – free previews with additional add ons – $1.99+

App unavailable on Android


Please let us know what your family favorite apps are!


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  1. Cathy March 6, 2018 at 9:44 am #

    Thanks for the suggestions. We didn’t know about these apps.

    • Lyndsey March 6, 2018 at 11:36 am #

      You are very welcome!

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