My First-Born is Starting Kindergarten and I’m Not Sad

The summer is flying by and the school year is quickly approaching. This year is a little different for our family with my little man starting his first year of kindergarten. There are so many thoughts racing through my mind about how I feel about him beginning his school years. I’m sad, but not overly sad. I’m excited for him because I know how much fun he is going to have and it makes me feel proud to have actually been able to raise this little human long enough and well enough {I think?} to be able to send him off to kindergarten. I’m definitely feeling all the feels about sending him off, but I’m trying to do my best in dealing with this major transition in our family and there will be a lot of positives that are going to come out of this.

Why It Will Be Good For My Son To Start Kindergarten:
With my son going to kindergarten, he will be there for the full day, every day, each week. He will be able to see his friends each day and build on his social skills WAY more than he does when he is at home with us. Every day this summer, he’s asked if one of his friends can come over…so this will definitely be a positive for him 😉

I’ve been doing workbooks with him for a couple years now. Costco has a great selection of them, starting with Pre-K all the way up through 5th grade. He loves doing them because most of the pages are learning games, mazes, look-and- finds, or something that makes him think that he isn’t really doing school work ;). I’m pretty lucky to say that {I think} he likes to learn right now and I know that, academically, sending him to school just makes sense for him.

There is only so much that I can do with him at home and it is completely different trying to teach your own child than when the kids are in school with a teacher, who actually knows what they are doing! My kids also respond differently to other people than they do to me, in a good way. Thankfully!

I honestly feel that if I chose not to send my son to kindergarten this year {he’s just turning 5 in September and will be doing 2 years of kindergarten} that I would be holding him back and doing him an injustice. It just wouldn’t be fair to keep him home for my own selfishness. HE’S READY. {Cue the tears}.

Why Kindergarten Will Be Good For Me:
Not only will my son benefit from starting school, like all children do, but I’ve been looking at the benefits that I will have, as well. I will now have a little more time to spend with my two-year-old daughter while he is at school. We all know that with the second child, that one-on-one time is limited and this will be the perfect time to make-up for lost time with her.

I say this now and hope that it stays true. With only one child at home during the week, I “might” have a little more time for myself and to get things done and to attempt {key word} to try and keep things a little more organized around the house and in my family’s lives.

I love a good routine. Back-to-school is the PERFECT time to take advantage of setting yourself and your family up for success with a good schedule. I’m also one of those nerds that love getting a new planner and pens, so it’s fun for me to do this when our lives become a little busier {if possible} during the fall transition. I definitely am going to try and prepare to have my weeks laid out in advance to keep things running smoothly for everyone since most times the summers end up being a free-for-all!

All In All:
I’m super sad to see the chapter of my son staying home with me come to an end, but I’m also very excited for what’s to come for him. He is going to do amazing things and I can’t wait to share those moments with him. I just have to keep reminding myself of all of the fun chapters that are yet to come as my kids get older. It can be sad, but it’s a part of life and we just need to keep swimming!


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