Really, The Laundry Will Wait: Creative Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids!

I like my kids. I genuinely enjoy spending my time with them.

However, tasks at home, errands, changing diapers, and every other “important” thing on my to-do list always get in the way of actually having fun with my kids. 

Recently, I heard about a mommy and me painting class in our town, Dryden, at a relatively new shop, Veda’s Uniques and More.

I decided to make the time to take my tiara-wearing four-year-old to the class, where she would paint a unicorn. Honestly, after a few months stuck inside from the dreadful winter, and guarding my new babies against the flu, I think we were both a little too excited to go painting.

The class was laid back and actually relaxing. My daughter made a pretty nice painting while we enjoyed some snacks and pop. We even picked up a surprise Shopkins bath bomb while we were there, because, why not?

As a mom, it’s tough to remember to actually enjoy these moments with our kids. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, bottles, bed time routines, chore after chore……sometimes while we are busy completing tasks around the house, we forget to take a little time out of our days to play {or in my case, paint} with our kids.

Even in our pretty small Village of Dryden, I found a fun and affordable activity that was enjoyable for both myself and my daughter. I will definitely head back for more mommy and me classes when I can find the time and a sitter for my other girls.

I have been told, “the laundry will wait.” I found out today that this is true. After a day out of the house and jumping in mud puddles this afternoon with my daughter, I have four heaping loads patiently waiting for me. 

What fun activities do you enjoy with your children?


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