Meet Jena: A Thumb Mom with Lots of Littles!

Hello there!  I’m Jena.  Thank you so much for taking a moment to “meet” me.  I’m passionate about encouraging and equipping other moms, so I am thrilled to be here in this wonderful community with you.  One of my favorite things about motherhood is that so many others have gone before us, so we can glean wisdom from them and know that we are not alone.  No matter what we go through there are always other moms that have been there – sometimes we just need a little help connecting!  I hope this is a place that helps YOU feel connected.

I am first and foremost a blessed child of God, and I am so grateful for His grace that covers all my failures {yell at your toddler lately anyone!?}.  Next I am a wife, and I get the special joy of being a farmer’s wife.  I say that with a smirk, because today is the first day of planting season and that means this mama was parenting alone allllll day.  When is it my turn in the tractor?  Anyway, my husband’s name is Brian, and he’s amazing.  The man has 3 car seats in his pickup truck and 18 hours is a short workday for him.  He puts his family first every time without question, and he’s a really good kisser.  I could not ask for more.   

Then there’s the kids, and no shortage of them!  We have 4 biological children and 2 that we adopted from foster care.  We added our youngest bio son in the midst of all the adoption craziness, so their ages are 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 8 months.  We keep joking that someone needs to loan us a 5 year old.  Oh, and they are all boys!  There is a HUGE need for foster homes in our area – it is not just an inner city problem!  If you have ever even considered it and have questions, I’m your girl.  Ask me anything.

I graduated from Baker in Flint with a degree in Veterinary Technology, and I keep my license current.  I worked in small animal practice for a few years.  Now, I use my skills to care for calves and other animals on our farm.  I also do all of the marketing for our meats, and handle the farm books.  It’s a lot, but our family has set some serious goals and we are working hard to achieve them.  We are hardcore Dave Ramsey fans.  I would love to talk baby steps with you!

Besides work and babies, I’m very active on social media.  I’ve blogged on and off since before blogging was cool, and more recently I have been building a Facebook community and sharing on YouTube.  My tagline is “surviving and thriving with your hands full”. I really want to help every mom accomplish that.  I’m also part of the Caro Area MOPS Group.  I try to stay active over at Deford Community Church, where they welcome you with open arms even when you’re late and your kid is missing shoes. 

We homeschool, so we jump in and out of the Cass City Homeschoolers co-op.  School supplies get me excited and I spend hours pouring over curriculum catalogs just for fun.  Read aloud time is our favorite part of the day.  My boys play soccer in Cass City. We recently started competing in National Little Britches Rodeo events.  They are held in Ovid, and it’s free to come watch!  I’m also an avid runner and would love to see you at the Volkslaufe or any of the other races the Frankenmuth Jaycees put on.  And if you happen to be near the Caro area, I could sneak out after bedtime and meet you at The Oven or Big Boy for dessert and some uplifting conversation.

However we cross paths, I look forward to getting to know you!

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