Meet Kathy: Mom to a NICU Survivor from Attica Township

Hi everyone! I’m Kathy a mommy of two from Attica Township.  I have been married to my husband Dave for five years out of the eight we’ve been together. I am the youngest of my three sisters whom I am very close with.  I grew up in Livonia until I was ten, then moved to Sterling Heights. I moved into Attica township before I got married and I love it! I stay at home with my kiddos and work from home part-time as a hairdresser.

I’m a mommy to a four-year-old NICU survivor, Wyatt,  and my four-month-old baby girl, Ellie! My little warrior was nine weeks early weighing in at only 2 lbs 6 oz. It was a world of a difference between both pregnancies and life after each baby.

I had a high risk pregnancy with Wyatt and was being monitored like crazy up until the day he was born by emergency C-section. The first year with him was a rough one with the multiple doctor and hospital visits. Wyatt has a type of chronic anemia he was born with that iron supplements will not just fix or help. When his hemoglobin levels are low, the only thing he can do is receive a blood transfusion. He is a active healthy four-year-old and has been transfusion free since after his first birthday. We still go for blood draws and visits to his specialist to make sure he is still on the right track.

During my pregnancy with my daughter, the doctors still monitored me a ton to make sure she wasn’t developing what my son has. She was also born one week early, but that was because of a planned C-section. All the stress and worry during both pregnancies resulted in two healthy cute kiddos!

I love what I do so I really see it more as a hobby then a job. Hair is a passion for me, plus a stress reliever! I love making people feel good about themselves and help boost their confidence! I also love to entertain, BBQ, go to concerts, have a good cocktail and keep busy. I have an obsession with watching hair and makeup videos on social media. I also love watching Fixer Upper {who doesn’t} when I have a chance. Don’t get me wrong, I get sucked into many reality TV shows as well! The Real Housewives is one of my favorites!

I have a creative mind and a handy husband, so there is always some project we are working on or have plans on doing! As for our family, we love to travel so we spend our summer months camping all over Michigan.  A few of our favorite places to camp are Silver lake, and Traverse City . The Sand Dunes on the west side of the state and Traverse city are just gorgeous! The majority of our free time is spent with family and friends at gatherings. Our entire family as a whole just keeps growing and growing which I’m totally fine with because it’s what keeps us all very close and not distant! 

I’m looking forward to sharing my own personal experiences and writing articles for the blog that others can relate to! I am very excited for this new adventure in my life!


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