Meet Mary, a Grand Blanc Mom of {almost} two!

Hi everyone, my name is Mary and I am so excited to be here as a contributor for this parenting resource! I live in Grand Blanc with my incredible husband Philip, my hilarious and strong willed 2 year old, Molly, our tiny dog Kona, and we have a baby boy due in July!

We have lived in Grand Blanc for almost 5 years when my husband got offered his job at a local church plant. We have since fallen in love with the area. We love having access to all of the major highways, everything we need is right in town or a quick drive, and there is never any traffic. Apart from the Homecoming parade, but even that is an awesome small town vibe that we love.

I grew up near Rochester, MI and never realized how much I craved small town life until we moved here. I met, Philip, the man of my dreams in 2011 and we got married 18 months later. He works as the Worship Director at our church. I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom to Molly and I am truly living my dream. Stay at home mom life is a little more isolating than I previously anticipated {is meeting a friend worth skipping nap time and the terror that ensues? Do I really want to put on real pants today??? And on and on}!

If I have learned anything in the 2 years of being a mom is that everything in life is best in moderation. Some days you skip nap and get out of the house and some days you wear sweats all day it all evens out in the end.

I am a doula {Birth support person} in training and I could talk about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood for days! I also enjoy playing board games, going to get ice cream at Ziggy’s, and going for walks in Bicentennial Park with my mom friends.

I am excited to be apart of this network of moms, I firmly believe we can all learn something from each other if we take the time to listen! I can’t wait to share about my experiences as Molly learns, grows, and becomes a big sister!

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