Creepy Things Kids Say: Prepare to be Spooked!

‘Tis the season to be creepy! Has your child ever said something that made you think twice? In honor of Halloween this week, we share some spooky stories with you inspired by none other than our kids. Read on if you dare!

I remember babysitting my two-year-old cousin as a teenager and tucking her sweet, sleeping body into her crib. She looked so peaceful and angelic curled under her blankie with her favorite stuffed animal. I gave her one last look as I closed her door and headed downstairs to finally turn off the Barney movie we had watched and danced to on repeat for hours. Once I had the living room out of disarray, I snuck to the kitchen for a little snack.

Upon entering, I found my tiny cousin huddled by the fridge, the door open just enough to let a little light out, whispering to something inside in what sounded like a different language. The language of demons, I deduced, because as soon as she saw me, her eyes glowing strangely in the dim appliance light, she began howling from deep within her belly. I waited in stunned silence for her head to spin around but she took a breath instead and bellowed, “They’re in the fridge! I have to let them out!”


I karate kicked the door shut with my foot, carried her like a radioactive football back to bed and waited for my aunt and uncle with every light blazing in their house. I’m not gonna say it was the last time I ever babysat, but I certainly preferred day jobs from then on.

If it’s true that young kids have a sixth sense that allows them insight into the creepy and paranormal, I certainly didn’t want to volunteer as the gatekeeper to whatever my cousin wanted to let out of that fridge.

Thankfully, my own kids have never said anything that’s motivated me to burn down our house with sage and stab a for sale sign in the front lawn. But I’m positive my youngest has interacted with someone from beyond.

I had my one and two-year-olds sitting in their high chairs watching a movie one afternoon. The only way I could get anything done was to have them safely contained and entertained for a bit. So I left them with some goldfish and ran downstairs to switch the laundry.

When I came back, my son was turned away from the tv and scrunching his nose toward a blank wall. It reminded me of the face babies make when someone touches their nose with their nose and nuzzles them playfully. I watched curiously from afar, careful not to interrupt whatever was going on. He reached for a goldfish on his tray, and turned back toward the wall offering the cracker up in the air saying, “Want a bite? Want a bite?” Obviously, nothing took it, so he ate it, grabbed another and repeated the offer. He smiled and nodded his head and returned his attention to the movie.

Now the only reason I didn’t call a local priest and schedule an immediate in-home exorcism is that I’m certain I knew who was in my house that day. My beloved Grandma had adored my kids and didn’t get a chance to see them before passing away peacefully the week before.

Kids say and do the darnedest things and sometimes there’s a good explanation. But other times, we’re left pretty freaked out by their casual gruesome comments, gory pictures they’ve conjured out of nowhere and the dark empty corners they stare into. 

We asked other Mid-Michigan Moms about the times their younglings have opened up their precious word holes and shared creepy stories that have crept their mamas right the heck out!


“My son sleeps with a stuffed otter animal and we had this conversation one night”:

Son – “Mom, my otter keeps me awake at night.”

Me “Buddy, he’s a stuffed animal, he can’t talk or move.”

Son – “Not during the day he can’t. At night you aren’t in here to see him.” ~Anonymous
“My son has two birthmarks. One is on his ribs and teardrop-shaped about three inches from top to bottom. The other looks like something spilled on him. He was about six when he told me that was where he got stabbed with a sword and then they put firewater on him.” ~Anonymous
“My son is six now, but from the ages of two to four, he said a lot of spooky things that gave my husband and me the creeps. Most notably, he once came running down the stairs in our townhouse and when I asked him what was wrong, he mentioned there was a tall man standing in my closet that was all black. He also told me once that he saw a woman in the corner hanging with a snake around her neck, and on a separate occasion that he saw a woman standing upside-down with her head off. We don’t let him watch scary shows or movies, so I really don’t have an explanation for why he would “see” things like this if they weren’t there.”  ~Melody
Has your son or daughter ever said something creepy that had you wondering about past lives, a sixth sense or possible psychopathic tendencies?
‘Tis the season to scare, I mean SHARE your story…

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