Proof that Santa Delivers the Right Elf, Even to Hesitant Moms

I’m not anti-“Elf on the Shelf,” but I feared the day that Santa would bring us our own elf.

I watched for years as my friends would post pictures of hilarious shenanigans that their elf pulled off while the family was fast asleep. The elaborate scenes made me laugh and cringe at the same time. As much as I enjoyed watching the charades of other elves, as a busy working mom of little people, I couldn’t imagine adding a “clean up after the elf” chore to my already full, daily routine during the holidays.

elf on the shelf

But more than that, these antics just didn’t seem to vibe with what our family tries to focus on at Christmas. 

Our family held off for as long as we could, but as you know, once your kids enter school they all of a sudden have a strong FOMO {Fear Of Missing Out}. “Why does everyone else get an elf, and we don’t?” was a question we heard daily after the first Thanksgiving of my son’s kindergarten year. My husband and I worried that if and when Santa delivered our family’s elf, that he would be a prankster. It isn’t that we don’t like to have fun or enjoy ourselves during the holidays, but we try to make our Christmas celebration more Christ-centered with a focus on kindness and giving. “Jesus is the reason for the Season,” is definitely our motto. 

We were pleasantly surprised when our elf showed up one night and it was obvious that Santa had picked him out just for us. Santa sent him with a special letter that explained how “Big Boy” would help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.

elf on the shelf, letter

Our children immediately fell in love with Big Boy

Big Boy doesn’t cause us any trouble {what a relief!}. Instead, he plays hide-and-seek each night while we sleep. Each day, as he moves from place to place, he tries to see if our kids are showing kindness. I always make sure to comment on kind acts that our little ones display just so they don’t go unnoticed.  It makes us happy that they have another reason to show off their acts of kindness each year.

elf on the shelf

This is Big Boy the Elf! 

A tradition that this mom once dreaded is now a welcome opportunity to discuss why we celebrate Christmas and the ultimate gift that was given for us. It is obvious that Santa chooses the perfect elf for each family!

Is your elf a little naughty or nice?


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