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Meltdowns: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Hug it Out

If you’re a parent of toddler or preschool age children then I would guess you’re also experiencing the dramatic meltdowns. If not, what is your secret? Finding balance and the disciplinary actions that work for you and your child is not easy, it’s typically trial and error From the toddler to preschool age, days can […]

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An A to Z Fall Children’s Activities Bucket List

As summer sizzles out, there are several things to look forward to in the fall. As moms, we love wrapping cardigans around our waists and strapping our boots on again. The air feels crisp against our skin, we get a little more free time as the older kids head back to school, and in Michigan, […]

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Mom2Mom Sales In + Around Mid-Michigan – Fall 2018

The writers here at Mid-Michigan Moms Blog are always on the hunt for a good deal. Coupons, discounts, incentives - count us in! Mom2Mom sales are typically held at a school, church, or convention center, where a large group of moms come together to sell their children's clothing, shoes, toys, and accessories at unbelievably low [...]
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Take That Summer Road Trip With Your Kids: Tips + Tricks

Going on a summer road trip with the kids almost always sounds more delightful than it actually is. You envision yourself sipping a crisp microbrew in a lounge chair while your kids frolic in the sand. But, most parents aren’t typically rewarded with this kind of happy vacation ending. Yes, many children are used to […]

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Adventuring Solo With Kids: When Dad Can’t Go

Disclaimer: If you're a single parent or otherwise used to parenting alone often, you'll probably laugh at this article.  You're amazing, and I hope you'll share some tips with us. It was the summer of 2015.  I was 8 months pregnant with my third child, and it was so hot.  The shade and kiddie pool [...]
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