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Miscarriage: The Fear of Every Pregnant Woman

My miscarriage is probably no different from yours… My baby was here, growing, making plans, and then – just like that, my baby was gone.  That morning, I went into the ultrasound appointment excited to see a heartbeat. I walked in smiling, proud to be pregnant, and ready to see my little blob on the […]

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To My Friend Who Miscarried, I’m So Sorry

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the life you lost before you had a chance to meet. I’m sorry that year after year, on her due date, you wonder what she’d have looked like another year older. I’m sorry you cannot hear her cry or laugh or see her peeling skin on her tiny newborn […]

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A Love Letter to a Friend in Pain

Something unthinkable and inconceivable has happened to you. I know you feel like you will never be whole again. Like nothing will ever be the same. How can you go on? Will you ever feel like you’re not broken and hurting again? And here’s what no one may have thought to tell you: You don’t […]

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