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Be Thankful If You Have Loving Parents

I wouldn’t say I had a traumatic childhood, but I don’t remember much that was positive either. My parents were dysfunctional. Alcoholics to be blunt. They got divorced when I was a teenager. We were expecting it, so it wasn’t much of a shock. Between the heavy drinking and fighting, we knew it wasn’t going […]

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Hey Momma, You Are Allowed to Choose YOU

Some time ago, I wrote a microblog reflecting my unapologetic stance on choosing my own and my family’s own needs above the approval of others. In the season of “New Year, New Me” I feel the subject should be revisited because you might need permission to “choose you.” Are you in the midst of change […]

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Miscarriage: The Fear of Every Pregnant Woman

My miscarriage is probably no different from yours… My baby was here, growing, making plans, and then – just like that, my baby was gone.  That morning, I went into the ultrasound appointment excited to see a heartbeat. I walked in smiling, proud to be pregnant, and ready to see my little blob on the […]

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When Hurt Doesn’t Take a Holiday

To many, the holidays are the most magical, special part of the year. Countdowns for the next holiday season begin as soon as the previous one ends. Decorations go out months ahead of time and holiday plans are made. Traditions are embraced. People are jolly and extend goodwill and cheer. Everywhere you turn, beautiful decorations […]

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Ten Things I Learned as a New Mom

No matter how others make it look, motherhood is tough. There’s no manual for your little human. Here are ten things I learned as a new mom that might help you navigate the world, your marriage, and your emotions. It’s hard. Coming from a leadership career in a fast-paced, high-pressured, ever-changing environment, I figured I’d […]

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