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Meltdowns: Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Hug it Out

If you’re a parent of toddler or preschool age children then I would guess you’re also experiencing the dramatic meltdowns. If not, what is your secret? Finding balance and the disciplinary actions that work for you and your child is not easy, it’s typically trial and error From the toddler to preschool age, days can […]

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Dear Moms of Autistic Children, You Can Do This!

As we plan to start the new school year, I’m reflecting upon all that happened last year. And it was quite the eventful one, to say the least. Last school year I had a first grader and a second grader.  My second grader was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism.  As a mother of a young son […]

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Confessions of a Former Gatekeeper Mom: The Importance of Zooming Out

My iPhone must hate me. It’s constantly yelling at me to “free up more storage space” and the battery is always on “low power mode” because I wear it out taking pictures of my children all day. I stay home with my two year old daughter and nine month old son, and a quick scroll […]

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