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An A to Z Fall Children’s Activities Bucket List

As summer sizzles out, there are several things to look forward to in the fall. As moms, we love wrapping cardigans around our waists and strapping our boots on again. The air feels crisp against our skin, we get a little more free time as the older kids head back to school, and in Michigan, […]

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Really, The Laundry Will Wait: Creative Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids!

I like my kids. I genuinely enjoy spending my time with them. However, tasks at home, errands, changing diapers, and every other “important” thing on my to-do list always get in the way of actually having fun with my kids.  Recently, I heard about a mommy and me painting class in our town, Dryden, at […]

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A Genesee County Mom's Guide to-5

A Genesee County Mom’s Guide to March

March – the third month of the year containing 31 days.  The month of March Madness.  The month of green, gold, luck & leprechauns, otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day. The month that Spring arrives!  Most importantly, the month where, after the unseasonably mild February we had, we have CABIN FEVER!  Who needs out of the […]

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