Mom Fashion: Even if you feel crazy, you can still be cute!

While I was pregnant, getting dressed was so fun! I enjoyed the extra weight and even my curvy hips. I was more than excited to shop the maternity section and even buy my clothes in a bigger size. Styling my pregnant body was a blast. 

mom fashion

Then I had my precious little ones and then my body was just like BLAH. One boob was bigger than the other. I was in between sizes. Nothing fit correctly. I did not feel comfortable or confident in anything. Most days I would just throw on my maternity clothes and dress my kids really cute to compensate for my lack of fashion. I would continue to wear the same 4-5 pieces of clothing over and over. It was very depressing. 

So after a while of not knowing my new size and being depressed because none of the clothes I had fit me correctly… I went and bought new stuff that fit!! Sounds so simple but how many times do you hear women say “I’m going to wait until I get rid of this belly to buy new clothes…” with a sad face? I know it is true because this was me. I went to the thrift store and got all new jeans for about $1 a piece on a sale day and then I also went to the mall and bought a whole new outfit at H&M.

When I say I bought a new outfit, I do NOT meant just a shirt or a dress. I went and bought a WHOLE OUTFIT!! I bought the dress, stockings, necklace, earrings, panties, bra… EVERYTHING! Do you understand how much of a smile a new bra can bring to a new mom? If you do not believe me, try it! Go out and buy a new bra and come back and tell me if you did not smile. This is just not even possible. 

mom fashion

Here is the outfit I bought at H&M.

Can you relate to any of this? Just me? Okay… Well here are a couple tips on how to stop all the craziness in your closet. Just because you are a mom does NOT mean you can NOT be cute. Even if you feel crazy, you can still be cute!

  1. Grab some new underwear. I am sure you could use a new bra and a new pair of undies to make you smile. 
  2. Get a pair of jeans that fit perfect. Get them tailored if you need too! It makes a huge difference trust me. 
  3. Invest in a couple staple pieces to spruce up your yoga pants and t-shirt look. Get a new tailored blazer, a new white t-shirt that does not have any stains, and a new bag or wallet.
  4. Go try out a new tinted moisturizer and lipstick. Then buy the one that makes you happy. Yes, buy it! The kids already have diapers, milk and all the clothes they need for this week. Buy it!
  5. Last but definitely not least… Get some lash-extensions or a good mascara.

Don’t wait another second, GO!! Do me a favor, look down at your outfit. Do you look a little not like your self in those old mom clothes. Get it together. You’re a mom, but that doesn’t mean you need to look a hot mess. I am preaching to myself. 


Your Fashion Friend 

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