How Mama Got Her School Groove Back: Top Five Tips to Rock Back to School!

Back to school! It’s almost here. Many of you may have already crossed that bridge with your kiddos.

If it’s your child’s first year, you might be feeling supremely sentimental. It’s a big deal when your baby makes the transition from being at home or being in child care to that first, full day of school! There’s no half-day Kindergarten anymore. It’s pretty much a baptism by fire: your little one {and you!} are expected to jump right it. It’s overwhelming!

  • There’s that school supply list that just doesn’t quit! I don’t know a parent out there that isn’t completely in shock when first asked to tackle that never-ending list.
  • Maybe your child is riding the school bus, and you’re addressing your child’s – and your own! – feelings, thoughts and even concerns about what it means to watch your little one drive away from you for the first time. If the thought is unsettling please trust us: you’re not alone. I followed the school bus all the way from our neighborhood to my son’s school for the first week of his Kindergarten year. Yep, I’m that mom! 
  • Not to mention the school cafeteria, making friends, school safety concerns and, well, the list could go on and on!

We’ve been doing this for a few years now. We’re happy to share our tips + tricks!

If you’re a seasoned back to school mama, let’s be honest, back to school just might make you a little giddy! It’s ok to admit, you’re in good company. Summer is wonderful and I’m sure you’ve made some great memories with your little ones. But many of us are ready to welcome the school year back with open arms! I know I’m more than ready to get back to reasonable bedtimes, consistent schedules, and learning!

See ya, kids! 😉

New mama or seasoned, the first week of school is always ROUGH! Transition and change are hard, even for adults! Minor changes in our schedules can throw off even the most organized mamas. We not only have to get ourselves back into the groove, but our kids need our help adjusting to their new routines, too! It’s not always easy and  – let’s be honest – it’s not always fun.

But never fear, the GCMB team has compiled a list of our top tips to help mamas {and kids!} get their groove back this school year! In no particular order:

  1. Be patient.
    Give yourself and your kiddos some grace or leeway. We’ll say it again: the first week is always rough! Expect a little resistance and grumbling. Summer fun is over, and the school schedule is king. There are bus times, drop off, pick up, and so many other times to deal with! Staying on track with one or even multiple schedules will take some time to sort out. If it’s your child’s Kindergarten year or a new school, expect some tears or clinging. This is all normal, and will get better with time!
  2. Get organized.
    GCMB team member Lyndsey recommends a kid friendly calendar. Each evening, take the time to go over the next day’s events to help lessen any scheduling surprises! Pack lunches and backpacks the night before, and have them ready to go. Pick out clothes the night before, right down to shoes, socks, and even ponytail holders or barrettes. This is especially great for children who have become very creative with their fashion choices or might be more particular. The morning does not allow a ton of extra time to pick out clothes! GCMB team member Katie wholeheartedly endorses this process, and recommends kicking it off by first checking the weather {bonus points for having your kids ask Alexa or another weather resource. This encourages their involvement and responsibility!} Keep in mind that many schools don’t have air conditioning. It may seem relatively cool outside, but lots of little bodies in one school building can lead to a hot, sweaty and smelly mess! It’s best if your child is dressed for comfort, for the benefit of all!
  3. Get some rest!
    This means you, mama! Yes, there is lots to do and it may be tempting to push back that bedtime to check off some items on your to-do list or catch up on your DVR or streaming. Don’t do it! Get yourself to bed at a decent time, and get some much-needed rest. Trust us, you will only stand to benefit. An earlier bedtime might mean an hour or two in the morning just to yourself before your little people get up {or before you have to wake them up!}. A more restful and smoother start to the day is a mom’s BFF. Self-care is so important!
  4. Dial back that bedtime
    Summer evenings are beautiful, and long. The sun-kissed skies can stick around until 10 pm in Michigan. It’s pretty hard to maintain a consistent and early bedtime when Mother Nature isn’t on your side from June through August. But school starts early. Children need to be up and moving. Our little ones need time for a healthy breakfast that will sustain their energy, and prepare them to learn. Consider dialing back bedtime before the school year even begins – the sooner the better. Speaking from experience, the earlier the bed time, the better the morning routine will be!
  5. Have a little fun!
    Sometimes, even when all the stars align and you’re 100% organized and ready to rock your morning, things just. don’t. go. well. That’s where the term “dreaded morning routine” comes from {and we know you’ve all been there, mamas!} Should this happen to you, remember not to take yourself too seriously. Have a little fun by taking GCMB team member Angela’s advice. She and her husband blast kids’ Christmas music to turn the start of the day around  Really, any holiday genre will do, but we love this tip to distract kiddos and reset a morning that has turned south!

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite back to school tips? How do you rock your morning routine, and what do you recommend to all of our mamas to help get their school grooves back? 





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