Having Humor as a New Mom

It is now midnight and I am just now eating dinner. Or, it is two o’clock in the afternoon and I am just now leaving the house. Do these two scenarios sound familiar? If so, you {like me} must be a new mom. But, it’s finding the humor that helps me through this season.


Here are five {realistic} scenarios and conclusions to being a new mom: 

Scenario 1: “Let’s meet for dinner tomorrow at 7:00,” said friend.

Conclusion 1: If you want to make dinner on time, I suggest you start getting ready two hours before to even remotely be close to being 30 minutes late.

Scenario 2: “ You should really try {insert any possible advice here}. It really worked for my children.”

 Conclusion 2: If you want to stay sane and figure out what is best for your child…do not try {insert any possible advice here}. 

Scenario 3: I will be able to get so much done during baby’s nap today {thought to self}.

Conclusion 3: Nap when baby naps. I repeat! NAP WHEN BABY NAPS. For your sanity.

Scenario 4: {Pertains to boy moms}. Aww the line is blue. Better change peanut before he gets his clothes wet. 

Conclusion 4: Cover every spraying part as quickly as possible. Do not put blue lined diaper in the trash before putting on the new diaper or you will get wet. Do not say you were not warned. 

Scenario 5: I am just going to run in the store really quick for a few things. No need for the diaper bag. 

Conclusion 5: A five minute or five hour store trip, take the diaper bag. Blowouts happen. Especially when you think they will not! 

Being a new mom has been so much fun. A little humor can go along way. Hang in there mom; you’ve got this! 

“Being a mom is like trying to fold a fitted sheet. No one really knows how.” – Unknown

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