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To My Friend Who Miscarried, I’m So Sorry

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the life you lost before you had a chance to meet. I’m sorry that year after year, on her due date, you wonder what she’d have looked like another year older. I’m sorry you cannot hear her cry or laugh or see her peeling skin on her tiny newborn […]

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7 Dinner Recipes From A Mom Who Hates To Cook

All mothers have that one chore, that one obligation that sends a shiver up our spine and puts dread into our very soul. Maybe it’s laundry. Maybe it’s mopping or wiping butts or dishes. For me, it’s a dirty little six-letter word called {shiver} dinner. Ugh. It just keeps happening, every single stinking day. Just when […]

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Reflecting on the Narcissist in the Mirror

My husband and I were chatting recently and came to the subject of social media. He believes firmly that most people use social media as a personal quest for celebrity. Everyone wants to be noticed, to be affirmed, to be idolized. On the internet, everyone can feel like a celebrity, standing atop the social media […]

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Life Lesson: Plan To Be Surprised

I’ve never really thought that I was great at anything. I’m good at some things, but greatness, mastery, excellence – those words have never really described my skillset. And I’m pretty OK with being pretty OK. Being the best at something seems like a whole lot of stress, and my goal in life is to […]

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