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I’m the Mean Mom and I Don’t Mind

I hear it whispered between the kids. I’m the mean mom. I bring healthy snacks and don’t let my son have soda. I make everyone take care of their garbage when they would rather just let it blow away. I have rules and I expect them to be followed. Technology is the first victim if […]

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Preparing For Unexpected Disaster; Having a Family Plan is Key

Last summer, we had an emergency at my parent’s home. The electrical box overloaded, showering the room where one of my disabled sisters was sitting with sparks, starting several small fires. Smoke alarms and crackling electricity punctuated the sudden darkness. My son calmly gathered the five younger children, including my infant niece, and took them […]

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Food Troubles; Why I Make Two Meals

Growing up, my family always sat down together in the evening and ate the meal my mother made for us. If you didn’t eat, you didn’t make something different. When my sister developed a difficult food allergy {corn} everyone changed their diet. We ate fresh, homemade food all the time. As a result, I don’t […]

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